Dr. Wei Luo

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Luo, Wei
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Wei Luo is currently a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering Dept at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Wei joined the Bio and Nano-photonics Lab at UCLA in September, 2011.

Wei Luo is focusing on a new configuration of lensfree on-chip microscopy to expand the spatial-bandwidth product of this computational imaging technique. Wei is conducting multiple research projects including: ultrahigh-throughput lensfree holographic imaging using grapic processing unit; high speed micro-swimmer tracking at an accuracy of sub-micrometer. Meanwhile Wei is colaborating with other researchers on single nanoparticle/virus detection. Wei's research interests also include opto-microfluidics and handheld devices for on-chip imaging.

Wei is the recipient of UCLA Chancellor's Award (2012-2013), SPIE Optics & Photonics Education Scholarship (2013). His work on expanding the spatial-bandwidth product lensfree holographic imaging and single nano-particle detection have been published on multiple refereed journals including Nature Methods, Nature Photonics, Scientific Reports and PLoS ONE, etc.

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