Dr. Patrick Poulet

Associate Professor at Univ de Strasbourg
Poulet, Patrick
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SPIE Membership: 17.0 years total | 17.0 years voting
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Area of Expertise: Diffuse Optical Tomography, Fluorescence Molecular Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Near Infrared Spectroscopy
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Expertise in medical imaging, tissue characterization and biophysics.
Experimental developments and mathematical modeling in photoacoustic spectroscopy and imaging, magnetic resonance imaging and in vivo spectroscopy, diffuse optical tomography and fluorescence molecular tomography, near infrared spectroscopy.
Preclinical applications in neurological deseases and oncology: diagnostic (multiple sclerosis, epilepsia, primary tumours and sentinel nodes) and therapy (photodynamic therapy).

More than 70 published papers, 732 citations by 31/12/2010, h index = 14 (Web of Science)
9 PHD direction (2 will be submitted in 2011)
11 financial supports from different French ministries, foundations and from European Commission and Alsace Region.

More than 35 years experience in biomathematics, biophysics, medical imaging – mainly Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Optical Microscopy and Diffuse Optical Tomography - in the 3 degrees of university education (LMD) and in the national superior school of physics.
Currently coordinator for biophysics education at the Faculty of Medicine of Strasbourg.

French ANR (RNTS 2006, 2007 and 2009), Fonds de Recherche sur la Nature et les Technologies (Quebec, 2010), Eurorad company
Member of the scientific and/or organization committees of 10 national and international conferences
Member of the Institute of Physics Referee Database, referee for the main publications in Optics.
Member of scientific societies: SPIE, OSA, SFBMN, SFO.

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