Dr. Myun-Sik Kim

Senior Member | Product Manager at Axetris AG
Kim, Myun-Sik
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SPIE Membership: 7.0 years
SPIE Awards: Senior status
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Area of Expertise: High-resolution interference microscope (HRIM), Interferometry, Talbot effect and Self-imaging effect, Micro-optics / Diffraction gratings, Solid immersion lens (SIL), Photonic Nanojet
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Profile Summary

Myun-Sik Kim received a Master degree on Mechatronics from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Korea in 2004 and a PhD in Photonics from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, in 2011.
Since January 2019, he works at Axetris AG (Switzerland) as Senior Application Engineer. Axetris is a world’s leading manufacturer of microlenses and Micro-Optics. He is a senior member of the SPIE, and a member of the OSA (Optical society of America), EOS (European Optical Society), and OSK (Optical Society of Korea).

His expertise is “interferometry and metrology” and his research interests include interdisciplinary subjects in micro- and nano-fabrication and photonic systems.

He is the author of a book chapter edited by Prof. Emil Wolf, Progress in Optics volume 58, 2013, 25 peer-reviewed internal journals, 20 SPIE proceedings, and numerous conference presentations.

Research interests
1. Micro- and nano-fabrication technologies.
2. Sufrace electromagnetic wave systems
• Bloch surface wave
3. High-resolution optical metrology
• Optical microscopy
• Optical interferometry
• Phase shifting interferometry (PSI)
• High-resolution interference microscope
• Longitudinal-differencial interferometer
• Optical shop testing for wavelength-sclae optical elements
4. Wavelength-scale physical optics
• Refraction: high NA focused beams
• Diffraction by a single object: the spot of Arago / Babinet’s principle
• Diffraction by a periodic object (gratings): Talbot and Lau effects
• Scattering by a single dielectric sphere: Photonic nanojet
• Solid immersion lens (SIL) from macro-size down to subwavelength-size
• Plasmonic nanostructures: polarimetry or light confinements
• Axial phase shifts and evolutions: Gouy phase anomaly
• Complex light and structured beams: Laguerre-Gauss, Bessel, Mathieu, cosine beams

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