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Dr. Mihai Iovea

General manager
ACCENT PRO 2000 srl

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Area of Expertise: X and gamma ray 2D and 3D Imaging in Industrial NDT, Security and Food Control, portable and autonomous X-ray imaging system for Security and NDT applications, X-ray Industrial fast scanners based on TDI X-ray detectors, X-ray images correction and analysis algorithm, data acqusition and vizualisation SW development, X-Ray Scanning techniques and reconstruction algorithms in X-ray industrial tomography, Dedicated data acquistion, electronics, software and mechanics parts fast prototyping
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Industrial applications
oBasic and applied research in 2D and 3D X and Gamma ray Industrial Computerized Tomography and Radioscopy.
o Research, design and prototypes manufacturing of various types of computerized X and gamma rays Industrial Tomography and Radioscopy Systems, with applications in NDT and Security domains;
o R&D for bugagge screening (radioscopy, tomography, backscattering) devices;
o R&D of specialized algorithms and software packages for data acquisition, 2D & 3D tomograms reconstruction, data analysis and visualization in Tomography and Radioscopy;
o Research & Development of dual/multi energy technique for measuring Zeff (Atomic effective number) and Density values in X and gamma ray Tomography and Radioscopy, with application in Security, Cores and minerals analysis, Industrial NDT, etc.
Medical application
o The Catheter 3D position reconstruction based on one X-ray view technique, for application in stem cell heart injections.
o Fast prototyping and R & D equipment design and development
o Software development using LabView tmlanguage
R & D companies management and consultancy

o Head of NDT and Computerized Technologies Laboratory for more 16 years;
o Scientific Director at National R&D Institute for Electrical Engineering for 2 years,
o ACCENT PRO 2000 Ltd as General Manager for the last 12 years .
o European Community FP7 Projects Scientific Expert Evaluator
o The Johns Hopkins University-USA External Collaborator since 2000
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o Project coordinator for 12 R&D projects and partner in other more than 11 projects financed by Romanian Ministry of Research, European Community (EC) or private companies.

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