Michael E. Boyd

Retired Member | President, Californians for Renewable Energy, Inc.
Boyd, Michael E.
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Area of Expertise: nano-technology, plasmonic, cathode luminescences, photonics, gravitomagnetism, frame-dragging
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Mr. Boyd began his career in Physics in 1980 while working as a janitor that cleaned the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics on the Santa Barbara campus of the University of California. In 1985 Mr. Boyd received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics at UCSB. Mr. Boyd began his career as engineer/scientist starting in 1982 at Hughes Aircraft Company, Santa Barbara Research Center. His career has spanned component manufacturing development engineering in the medical device, microelectronics, telecommunication, semi-conductor, and hard drive industry. Mr. Boyd has published his research in technical publications including the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the Journal of Vacuum Science Technology. His career path has been influenced by the ethical guide posts of putting public interests before personal career advancement.

My approach is as an experimentalist not as a theoretical cosmologist. As an experimental physicist most of my theoretical approach is to use existing theory where ever I can; theories like QM, QED, GR, SR, insulator, semiconductor, conductor, and superconductor physics. I know about these theories based on my experience experimentally using these in my career as an engineer and scientist. For example SR applies to the medical linear accelerator used in my job at Accuray and QM, insulator, semiconductor, conductor, and superconductor physics applies to my job at Hughes. Please feel free to check my LinkedIn Profile to verify this. I found my invention while working in the Disk Drive Industry at Phase Metrics. See http://www.calfree.com/ApplicationPCTUS1352501.pdf

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