Dr. Mark S. Zediker

Fellow Member | CEO at Nuburu Inc
Zediker, Mark S.
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Area of Expertise: High Power FIber Laser Technology, High Power Diode Laser Technology, Diode Laser Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Laser Applications, Industrial Laser Marketplace, Oil and Gas Industry
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Experienced in bringing diode laser technology and fiber laser technology to the market place by idenfiying needs, developing either the product or the application and enabling the product to cross the technology chasm that often occurs with new technology introduction.

Extensive experience in the design, fabrication and manufacturing of diode laser products based on diode laser bars. Introduced the world's first 4 kW diode laser product in 1999 and developed heat treating, welding, cutting and cladding applications using this technology and fiber coupled laser diode technology.

Developed the world's first high power pump arrays for the JHPSL programs, provided the best reliablity in the industry under all operating conditions including pulsed and cw up to 75 kW.

Currently working with 20kW fiber laser and developing unique new applications in the oil and gas industry to meet a growing need for new technology in this market segment. Primary focus is on delivery very high power through long lengths of optical fiber to perform tasks previously unachievable.

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