Eldada, Louay A.

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Dr. Louay A. Eldada

CEO & Founder
Quanergy Systems Inc
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Area of Expertise: Optoelectronics, Lasers, LiDAR, Sensors, Energy, Nanotechnology
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Louay Eldada is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Quanergy, a developer and manufacturer of advanced nanophotonic 3D sensors and sensing systems. He formerly was VP of Technology at Amprius, where he led the R&D and Engineering activities, developing advanced energy storage solutions using rechargeable lithium ion batteries based on silicon nanowire anodes.

Prior to Amprius, he was Chief Science Officer of SunEdison, the global leader in the delivery of solar power. He led the company’s innovation programs in photovoltaics and related technologies (energy storage, energy efficiency, controls), enabling high penetration of solar technologies in various markets (utility, commercial, residential, rural) and enhancing the performance and reliability of solar systems.

Louay was previously CTO and VP of Engineering of HelioVolt, where he led the development of thin film photovoltaic technologies, processes, equipment, modules and systems. He was earlier CTO and VP of Engineering for DuPont Photonics, a business that was formed from the acquisition by DuPont of Telephotonics, a company that he founded and where he led as CTO and VP of Engineering the development and commercialization of optoelectronic modules and subsystems. He formerly served at Honeywell, where he started the Telecom Photonics business and directed its R&D activities. The success of the business led to its acquisition by Corning, where he continued to direct technical development.

Dr. Eldada is Associate Editor of the Journal of Photonics for Energy. He is a senior member in IEEE, OSA, SPIE, AUVSI, MRS and ACS. He published 280 technical papers and books, chaired and organized 160 technical conferences, gave 200 keynote and invited talks, garnered 50 technical awards, and has 64 patents. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Columbia University.
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