Díaz Navas, José Antonio

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Dr. José Antonio Díaz Navas

Associate Professor
Univ de Granada
Senior Member

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Area of Expertise: Colorimetry and Color Imaging, Color Vision, Optical Design, Hyperspectral Imaging
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José Antonio Díaz Navas got his Ph.D. degree in Physics in 1997. He is member of the Society for Photo-Optical Engineering (SPIE), and was part of the Topical Editors team of the journal Applied Optics (Optical Technology Division) from 2006-2011. He was guest editor of one Special Issue for the Journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, and currently is of one for the Journal of Imaging. He has published about 69 peer review papers in journals with impact factor listed in JCR, authored one textbook, a coedited one monograph, and translated an SPIE Tutorial book to Spanish. His current h-index is 13.

Research topics: His research focus on color imaging and optical system design and testing. He is involved in research works with colleagues in fields such as color vision, applied colorimetry, and more recently, hyperspectral imaging, physiological optics and optical aberrations.

Teaching activities : He is instructor of the following courses in the Optics and Optometry School at the University of Granada:

Physical Optics (delivered in Spanish) : Two semester introductory course of wave nature of light, propagation, interference and diffraction phenomena, as well as the principles of light-matter interaction.

Optical Design (delivered in Spanish) : One semester course concerned with the basics of optical system design, including ray tracing, optical aberrations and evaluation of image quality.

He also is involved in the European Master Erasmus Mundus: COlor in Science and Industry (COSI).
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