Triplett, Gregory E.

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Dr. Gregory E. Triplett

Professor and Senior Associate Dean
Virginia Commonwealth Univ
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Area of Expertise: III-V Compound Semiconductors, device design, fabrication, and characterization, Mid-IR lasers, detector arrays, spectral analysis, biophotonics
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Triplett currently serves as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research in the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) College of Engineering. As faculty, he is principal investigator of the Precision Imaging Research Laboratory (PIRL), where researchers search and explore novel pathways to customized imaging for the primary purpose of ensuring that fundamental chemical, electronic, and photonic processes can be better understood and leveraged for the development of enabling technologies that improve quality of life.

Triplett has also served in several leadership roles in the University of Missouri (MU) College of Engineering and the MU Honors College. His prior roles included Associate Director in the Honors College, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and Associate Director in the Nano/MEMS Center. In the Honors College, Triplett was responsible for strategic communications, engaging campus constituents in collaborative efforts to expand the honors curriculum, and working with other unit leaders to enhance quality control. As director of undergraduate studies, Triplett served as chair of the course and curriculum committee, directed accreditation activities, directed the undergraduate program, and supervised recruiting and advising efforts. As associate director of the NANO/MEMS Center, Triplett facilitated strategic planning efforts that involved multi-disciplinary team building and alignment of new core strengths with campus research priorities.
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