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Dr. Giovanni Franco Crosta


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Area of Expertise: inverse problems, image classification, electromagnetics, morphological analysis, fluid dynamics
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retired; previous position (1983-2015): tenured researcher, State Universities of Milan, Milan, IT.
(since 2007) Fellow of the Electromagnetics Academy, Cambridge, MA.
(1999) visiting scientist, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA.
(1992) short term visitor, Institute for Mathematics and Applications, Minneapolis, MN.
(1989) visiting Associate Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX.
(1988) visiting scholar, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Univ. of Delaware, Newark, DE.
(1975-1983) independent consultant.
(1974-1975) tactical control assistant, NATO Hawk anti-aircraft artillery.
Author of 65 peer-reviewed articles, 37 editor-reviewed articles, 65 conference abstracts.
Presenter of 118 conference talks, 12 conference posters, 62 seminars.
Co-editor of 5 special issues and proceedings. Co-author of 1 textbook.
Signer of 84 Mathematical Reviews.
Research interests: inverse problems for partial differential equations (electromagnetics, acoustics, fluid dynamics), image recognition, materials characterization, morphogenesis.
Teaching assignments: (1995 to 2014, University of Milan Bicocca) Mathematical models & methods for the environmental sciences, (2005-2007, same) Dynamics and control of environmental systems, (2007, same) Process control,(1991-1994, University of Milan, IT) Theory of computing machines, (1989, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX) Calculus I, (1981- 1988, University of Milan, IT) Physics II.
Advisor or co-advisor of 80 M.Sc. thesis projects
Professional association:
American Mathematical Society, Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society, Associazione Meccanica VA (hon.), Imaging Science and Technology Society (emeritus), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (life senior), Materials Research Society, Mathematical Association of America, SPIE.
Publications web site:
(2016 Feb 24)
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