Spalding, Gabriel C.

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Prof. Gabriel C. Spalding

Illinois Wesleyan Univ
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Area of Expertise: Photonic Detection, Advanced Display, Imaging, & Microscopy Technologies, Structured Light, Holographically tailored fields, Optical Micromanipulation, Optical Trapping, Optics & Photonics
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I am a fellow of three professional societies, am particularly proud to have disseminated 480 single-photon detectors to the advanced instructional labs at a great many colleges and universities, and to have funded, as PI of NSF DUE grants, the training of faculty and staff implementing these and other advanced instructional labs. In fact, these (combined) programs have already impacted more than one-third of all physics degree granting programs in the United States (and have had some impact globally). — Through the Advanced Laboratory Physics Association (ALPhA) I lead an advisory group on the topic of Photonic Detection, and we aim to partner with SPIE and with the OSA's Photonic Detection Technical Group Committee, to ensure that this community of instructors remains informed and, more generally, wish to facilitate the coordination of additional initiatives and partnerships between SPIE, OSA, APS, AAPT, ALPhA, and the Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation, an ambitious non-profit working to establish programs and grants for hands-on instructional laboratories in physics, beyond the first year of university ( ). I serve as Vice-President of the Reichert Foundation, and am the Chair of the AAPT Committee on Physics in Undergraduate Education. For 15 years, I have also served as Chair of SPIE's conference on Optical Trapping & Optical Micromanipulation, which is the largest conference in the field. I am a well-connected, board-experienced, strategic communicator and design process instructor. I am a physicist.

My resume is online at:
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