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Prof. ChandraSekhar Roychoudhuri

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Area of Expertise: Nature of light, Superpopsition Phenomena, What are photons?, Coherence as detector time constant, Non-Interaction of Waves, Mode-locking vs. time-gating
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I have worked both in academia (USA, India, Mexico) and in industry (TRW, Perkin Elmer and United technologies). I have recently published a book, "Causal Physics: Photon Model by Non-Interaction of Waves", CRC/ Taylor & Francis, 2014. The book revisits all the basic optical phenomena by incorporating the universal property that waves by themselves do not interact (interfere) with each other in the absence of an interacting material medium. The Superposition Effects (fringes) due to multiple beams of waves or particles become manifest only as physical transformations in detector arrays; when simultaneously stimulated by all the beams. Thus, measurable Superposition Effects are Causal & Local. This Non-Interaction of Waves or NIW-property was underscored by the father of wave propagation, Christian Huygens; which is the basis of Huygens' Principle; which we have been neglecting for over three centuries. This principle eventually evolved into Huygens-Fresnel Diffraction Integral; which is at the core of analyzing almost all optical phenomena. Explicit recognition of the NIW-property removes a large number of prevalent contradictory hypotheses, both in classical and in quantum optics, including wave-particle duality.
at SPIE Annual meetings.
Engineering innovations in optics can be further accelerated once we start visualizing the processes behind the superposition effects while applying the thus far neglected NIW-property.
I have initiated overseen the biennial conference series, from 2005 through 2015, on the "Nature of light" at the SPIE annual meetings; besides giving a 2-hour workshop every year at the Phonics West. I have also been giving 1 to 3-day workshops on the causal nature of light to student chapters all over the world for over five years.
I have BS and MS in Physics from the Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India; and PhD in Optics from the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, USA.
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