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I am a Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of California, Davis. Preceding this métier, I worked at Penumbra Inc. as a R&D Engineer to develop stroke interventional medical devices. I have a particular research interest in medical imaging as well as cell & tissue engineering for their promise and potential for improving clinical outcomes and augmenting healthcare solutions.

The focus of my Ph.D. research is to capitalize on Biophotonics, specifically Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIm), to identify cancer and delineate tumor margins in clinical applications. This research is presently tailored towards otolaryngologic applications (head, neck, and throat). The typical workflow for this research includes: (1) acquiring in-vivo FLIm measurements of suspected tumors and the surrounding peripheral tissue, (2) obtaining in-vivo FLIm readings of the cavity and peripheral tissue post-tumor resection, and (3) acquiring ex-vivo FLIm data of the resected tumor specimen. Histological registration is subsequently performed to precisely reveal true cancer regions for juxtaposition to FLIm optical measurements.

This project is highly interdisciplinary and involves collaborations with UC Davis Medical Center physicians, clinical staff, and research personnel in Dr. Laura Marcu’s lab group (Department of Biomedical Engineering).

Beyond clinical applications, I am interested in leveraging the strengths of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging for performing in-vitro biochemical, functional, and structural assessments of vascular bioengineered tissue. The label-free & non-destructive nature of FLIm enables this optical modality to widely expand in-vitro applications for developing novel and physiologically relevant bioengineered tissues.
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