Javidi, Bahram

Prof. Bahram Javidi

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor
Univ of Connecticut
Fellow Member

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Bahram Javidi’s research interests are in transformative approaches to optical imaging sciences. He has been named Fellow of eight scientific societies, including IEEE, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, Optical Society (OSA), European Optical Society, and SPIE. In 2008, he received the Fellow award by John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. He is recognized by eight best paper awards from IEEE, OSA, EOS, and SPIE. He received the 2008 IEEE Donald G. Fink Prize Paper Award chosen among all (over 140) IEEE Transactions, Journals, and Magazines. In 2010, he received George Washington University's Distinguished Alumni Scholar Award, University’s highest honor for its alumni in all disciplines. In 2007, The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awarded him the Humboldt Prize for outstanding US scientists, Germany's highest research award for senior U.S. scientists and scholars in all disciplines. He received the SPIE’s 2008 Technology Achievement Award and the SPIE’s Dennis Gabor Award in Diffractive Wave Technologies in 2005. Dr. Javidi was the recipient of the IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lecturer Award in 2003 and 2004. Early in his career, the National Science Foundation named Prof. Javidi a Presidential Young Investigator. He also received The Engineering Foundation and the IEEE Faculty Initiation Award. Dr. Javidi was selected in 2003 as one of the nation's top 160 engineers between the ages of 30-45 by the National Academy of Engineering to be an invited speaker at The Frontiers of Engineering Conference. He is an alumnus of the Frontiers of Engineering of The National Academy of Engineering since 2003. Prof. Javidi has over 660 publications [9 books, 44 book chapters, 310 peer reviewed journal articles, 370 conference proceedings, 120 Plenary, Keynotes, and invited conference papers]. His papers have been cited 7300 times according to the citation index of WEB of Science (h index=46).
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