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Paper 11964-39

Award winning LED illumination for fluorescence from Fura-2 to Cy7.5 and beyond

Room 158 (Upper Mezzanine South)


The X-Cite NOVEM was awarded the 2021 Microscopy Today Innovation Award, which recognizes innovations to make microscopy more powerful, productive and easier to accomplish. The X-Cite NOVEM is a nine-channel LED illumination system for fluorescence imaging, with configurations spanning from near-UV wavelengths of the spectrum to the near-IR. The unit features our patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive® technology, providing users with high power excitation in the previously challenging 500-600nm Green Gap. Each of the nine channels can be controlled individually or in combination with others channels. Rapid channel switching allows for high-throughput imaging.


Excelitas Canada Inc. (Canada)
Dr. Kavita Aswani is the Senior Applications Scientist for the BioMedical products at Excelitas Technologies. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and has 7 years of scientific research experience and over 20 years of applications experience in the microscopy and fluorescence industry. Kavita has authored and reviewed several publications as well as journal articles. She has worked in the areas of widefield illumination microscopy, laser scanning microscopy and flow cytometry. She is an active member of the Society for Neuroscience and the Royal Microscopical Society.
Excelitas Canada Inc. (Canada)