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11-16 April 2026
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Paper 12993-500

Photonic quantum technologies: from unravelling quantum foundations to advancing quantum integration and developing applications in quantum networks and computing (Plenary Presentation)

8 April 2024 • 09:20 - 10:05 CEST | Auditorium Schweitzer, Niveau/Level 0


I will explore various facets of photonic quantum systems and their application in photonic quantum technologies. Firstly, I will focus into quantum foundations and by discuss quantum interference, a key element in photonic quantum technologies. I will highlight how the distinguishability and mixedness of quantum states influence the interference of multiple single photons – and demonstrate novel schemes for generating multipartite entangled quantum states. I will then address photonic quantum computing, specifically focusing on the building blocks of photonic quantum computers. This includes the generation of resource states essential for photonic quantum computing. I will then shift to photonic quantum networks, covering both their hardware aspects and showcasing quantum-network applications that extend beyond bi-partite quantum communication. Lastly, I will outline how photonic integration facilitates the scalability of these systems and discuss the associated challenges.


Stefanie Barz
Univ. Stuttgart (Germany)
Stefanie Barz is the Director of the Center for Integrated Quantum Science and Technology (IQST) at the University of Stuttgart.
Stefanie Barz
Univ. Stuttgart (Germany)