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11-16 April 2026
Conference 13006 > Paper 13006-70
Paper 13006-70

Adaptive fiber optic fluorescence analysis for cancer tissues via collagen detection

On demand | Presented live 9 April 2024


In cancer research, accurate characterization of the tumor microenvironment (TME) components is pivotal for diagnosis and treatment. In cancer progression, desmoplasia (a cancer-specific type of fibrosis mainly due to collagen overproduction) plays a crucial role and a specific barrier to treatment efficacy. Collagen, a key extracellular matrix component, plays a significant role in cancer progression, making its identification vital for understanding tumor behavior. This study presents a fiber optic approach utilizing adaptive focus light and fluorescence sensing techniques to detect collagen within fresh cancer specimens. Conventional methods often face challenges in precisely distinguishing collagen amidst complex TME. We demonstrate the efficacy of our approach through comprehensive experiments involving diverse cancer tissue samples. We accurately detect and characterize collagen by employing fluorescence sensing, providing invaluable insights into the TME. The adaptive focus light system optimizes imaging conditions and ensures high-resolution collagen identification. Subsequently, the proposed method simplifies the further analysis of the samples when subjected to Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) to characterize their mechanical characteristics. The proposed techniques can offer a multimodal approach to characterizing fresh tissue biopsies, including quantitated collagen characterization through fluorescence measurements and AFM nanomechanical characterization. Our research signifies a paradigm shift in cancer tissue analysis, offering a potent toolset for researchers and clinicians alike. By enhancing our understanding of the intricate interplay between collagen and cancer cells, this innovative approach paves the way for targeted therapies and personalized interventions, ultimately advancing the forefront of cancer diagnostics and treatment.


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Lumoscribe Ltd. (Cyprus)
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