Equity, diversity, and inclusion: a new strategies framework from SPIE

A downloadable toolkit created by SPIE offers actionable strategies for companies incorporating best EDI practices into their culture
15 January 2021
by Daneet Steffens
The SPIE Equity, Dviersity, and Inclusion Framework

In recent years, as issues and discussions around diversity in STEM continue to grow, so has SPIE’s commitment to address those concerns and contribute proactively to a diverse and inclusive science community.

The SPIE Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) program focuses on opportunities, initiatives, and activities that promote and engage diverse voices, providing platforms for underrepresented groups across optics, photonics, and the global STEM community.

As part of this effort, SPIE has developed the EDI Strategies Framework, designed to provide actionable strategies for small- and medium-sized companies to shift their culture and practices to embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, whatever stage your organization may be at in process of creating a more equal, diverse, and welcoming workplace culture, the SPIE EDI Framework offers accessible, actionable suggestions and opportunities for next steps.

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This framework, or toolkit – partly drawn from a survey of individuals and companies from across the SPIE corporate community – offers a tactical, accessible guide to help organizations identify where it may be building basic processes, emerging toward more strategic processes, or accelerating toward best practice.

The SPIE EDI Framework includes:

  • A clear focus on three distinct levels of implementation, depending on where your organization is in the process of creating its own EDI approach: building, emerging, accelerating.
  • A wide variety of knowledgeable resource documents, drawn from business and diversity specialists including Fortune, Forbes, the National Organization on Disability and the Anita B. Organization, the Human Rights Campaign, and SHMP.
  • Clear, incisive, accessible actions and strategies that support the recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse populations.
  • Highlighted actions throughout the framework, specifically useful for small and startup businesses.
  • Virtual work resources for individuals.
  • Virtual work resources for organizations.
  • An outline addressing relevant metrics for success.
  • A comprehensive glossary of relevant terms from 360 assessment and allyship, to talent review and unconscious bias.



Download the EDI Framework


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Preview the framework

The framework allows companies to evaluate the maturity of their equity, diversity and inclusion practices and identify opportunities for improvement based on whether the company is Building (level 1), Emerging (level 2), or Accelerating (level 3). The tables below define attributes according to these levels.

Recruitment: Diverse talent pool

Recruitment: Job postings

Recruitment: Interview guidelines

Recruitment: Hiring practices

Retention: Managing unconscious bias

Retention: Inclusive culture and belonging

Retention: Employee resource groups

Retention: Workplace flexibility

Advancement: Leadership development

Advancement: Growth mindset

Advancement: Networking


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