FLIR at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Industry Program

FLIR presented on their MWIR portfolio, SWIR Imaging Technologies, and Custom Gridded Windows for Visibile and SWIR Applications
31 May 2019

View FLIR's presentations from the Indsutry Program at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2019

FLIR’s New MWIR Portfolio

FLIR has introduced several new MWIR camera cores covering diverse market applications from SWaP sensitive to ultra-high performance.

Dan Walker, Vice Presentient Product Management, Core & Components at FLIR (USA)

FLIR: SWIR Imaging In Nightglow Conditions

Where there is little or no man-made light, the night presents a very challenging environment for silicon low-light cameras and I2 night vision goggles. But the night sky glows with downwelling SWIR radiation that is hundreds of times brighter than ambient visible light on a moonless night. This so-called nightglow is ripe for exploitation by tactical SWIR systems, but extreme sensitivity and low sensor noise is required. This presentation discusses the results of recent field trials using FLIR Systems InGaAs cameras (along with ambient SWIR irradiance mea-surements) on moonless desert nights in areas of southern Utah where man-made light pollution is minimal.

Austin Richards, Senior Research Scientist, FLIR (USA)

FLIR: Custom Gridded Windows for Visible and SWIR Applications

This presentation will discuss gridded windows technology for imaging systems, which provides superior transmission while attenuating EMI and incorporating other functions such as heating.

Robert Bush, Senior Business Development Manager, FLIR Systems (USA)


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