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Yakov Soskind

Dr.  Yakov  Soskind

Photonics Development Manager
DHPC Technologies, Inc.

10 Woodbridge Center Dr

Woodbridge NJ 07095
United States

tel: (609) 750-0760
E-mail: ysoskind@dhpctech.com

Area of Expertise

Photonic instrumentation, physical optics, optical design, illumination, laser optics, diffractive optics


Dr. Soskind is a recognized expert in the fields of photonic instrumentation, optical design, diffractive optics, laser systems, and illumination. For more than 30 years, he has contributed to the fields of electro-optical and photonics engineering, successfully reducing to practice numerous innovative solutions in the form of fiber-optics and photonics devices, diffractive structures, laser optics, imaging, and illumination devices. His innovative work in the field of diffractive optics has led to the development of novel types of diffractive structures that have enhanced diffraction efficiency, and are covered in several issued patents.

Dr. Soskind has been awarded more than 20 domestic and international patents, and has authored and co-authored several publications and conference presentations. Dr. Soskind is the author of SPIE Field Guide #21, "Field Guide to Diffractive Optics", SPIE Press 2011. He also teaches SPIE professional development courses SC1055 "Applied Diffractive Optics" and SC1071 "Understanding Diffractive Optics."

Lecture Title(s)

Diffractive Optics and Applications
The lecture will cover terminology, characteristics, and fabrication of diffractive optics components. Based on numerous examples, the lecturer will also illustrate the operation and applications of photonics instruments employing diffractive optics.

Laser beams: formation, propagation, and shaping
The lecture will cover the formation of various types of laser beams, including Hermite-Gaussian beams, Laguerre-Gaussian beams, Ince-Gaussian beams, Super-Gaussian beams, Bessel beams, Airy beams, and vortex beams. It will provide understanding of the fundamental propagation phenomena, such as self-healing and self-reconstruction. Various beam shaping techniques will also be presented.


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