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Oleg G. Morozov

Prof. Oleg  Morozov

Professor of Radioelectronic and Quantum Devices
Kazan National Research Technical University n.a. A.N.Tupolev-KAI
R&D Institute of Applied Electrodynamics, Photonics and Living Systems
Radiophotonics and Microwave Technologies Department
P.O. Box 72

Kazan  420107

tel: +7 843 238 5273
fax: +7 843 238 5497
E-mail: microoil@mail.ru
Web: http://mwpt.kai.ru

Area of Expertise

Microwave photonics, fiber optic sensors and its interrogation


Oleg G. Morozov leads research on microwave photonics, fiber optic sensors and its interrogation. He has over 70 research papers and two books in English to his name - concerning microwave photonics methods for fiber optic sensors interrogation. The current focus of his R&D institute is on novel smart multiplicative FBG sensors, optical frequency comb generation in wide range for PON sensor nets, design of spectrometer-interrogator for NIR range. The group enjoys strong international links, particularly with groups in India, Germany, Kazakhstan. Oleg G. Morozov is a Fellow of International Academy of Telecommunications, regular member of Optical Society n.a. Rojdestvenskiy (ROS), EOS, OSA, IEEE.

Lecture Title(s)

Microwave photonics interrogation of complexed fiber optic sensors Amplitude-phase modulation with full or partial suppression of optical carrier is particularly widely used in microwave photonic systems due to the natural symmetry of modulated signals and the maximum achievable modulation conversion coefficient. The basic structures, characteristics, elements of microwave photonic systems are reviewed and analyzed from the point of view of requirements to process of the amplitude-phase modulation and the formation of laser radiation with polyharmonic radiofrequency components.  Found decisions allow presenting new class of microwave photonic systems - microwave photonic systems for interrogation of complexed fiber optic sensors. Systems of such type do not use expensive broadband laser sources and tuning tools for interrogation, so they are very perspective to overcome limitations in interrogation resolution and speed, so as bring some ways to separate different measurands, when, for example, FBGs are used.

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