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Eva M. Campo

Dr. Eva M. Campo

Assistant Director of Education
Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter
University of Pennsylvania

3231 Walnut Street
Philadelphia PA 19104
United States

tel: 215-573-4759
E-mail: evamcampo@gmail.com

Area of Expertise

Synthesis and characterization of nitride, oxide and CNT nanocomposites


Eva Campo is the Director of the Laboratory for Matter Dynamics. As a former Education Director at the University of Pennsylvania, she fostered national and international research and education initiatives, in particular with PREM-UPR (partnership between University of Puerto Rico and University of Pennsylvania) and the CNM-IMB institute from the Spanish Research Council. She completed her M.S. in Theoretical Physics at Complutense University in Madrid (Spain) and her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at Lehigh University, Bethlehem (PA). She did research as a post-doctoral scientist at the Center for Optical Technologies in collaboration with the US Army Research Labs (ARL).

Her experience includes from project conception to execution and production of deliverables in national projects as well as projects overseas. She has served as referee to peer-reviewed journals and founding agencies, and was admitted to the prestigious IESE's executive program on IP optimizing resources for better management and result efficacy. Dr. Campo was the leading PI during the solicitation phase of NOMS. NOMS is a highly-ranked multidisciplinary project, awarded 2.5M euro by EU NMP-FP7 in 2008. She is a SPIE senior member and participates in a number of committees at SPIE.

Lecture Title(s)

Electrospinning and Characterization of GaN nanofibres

In the last few decades, a myriad of one-dimensional nanostructures have been produced. From Carbon nanotubes (CNT) to SnO, novel properties at the quantum mechanics frontier and tailored chemistries hold the promise of improved devices; with higher expectancy than their thin-film counterparts. This is the case of GaN nanofibers. The recent development by our group (PREM-Universidad de Puerto Rico and University of Pennsylvania) of fibers by electrospinning techniques hints at the possibility of affordable mass manufacturing with optimum integration in microsystem technology environments.

The as-produced fibers are polycrystalline wurtzite-polymorph and photo-conductive. Recently, it has been shown that the polycrystallinity of the as-produced fibers is of great value for UV-photosensing applications. However, mechanisms to control size, roughness, homogeneity, and crystallinity of electrospun GaN nanofibers or the effects of these parameters on the optoelectronic properties are unknown. Ongoing efforts aim at improving fabrication, sensing and photoluminescence characterization. This comprehensive fabrication-characterization study is making use of extensive electron microscopy such as aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy; capable of identifying the chemistry of a one single atom. In addition, highly defect-sensitive spectroscopic techniques such as cathodoluminescence will be used to address defect distribution and luminescence with the purpose of correlating deep level emissions and point defects. This will be an extremely valuable study both to the bulk, thin film, and one-dimensional GaN community, as the chemical origin of deep level emissions is yet to be unequivocally identified.

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