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The Symposium on Applied Optics, Sustainability and Energy (SOASE) is an annual event held by the Faculty of Physics and Math Sciences (FCFM) of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UNAL) in Mexico. Its main purpose is the dissemination of optics, photonics and sciences oriented toward sustainability, through technical talks, workshops and poster sessions for students and the academic community. SOASE also works to improve collaboration between academia and industry.

In 2015 the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, with support of the SPIE FOCUS grant will celebrate the first FOCUS Mexico conference. It will be organized by some of the SPIE-OSA student chapters of the principal universities and research centers of Mexico, such as UNAL, CICESE, CIO, UdeG, INAOE, UNAM and others. This will be one of the main events of the IYL 2015 Mexican celebration that represents the bond between the optical students in Mexico.

Altogether, SOASE - FOCUS Mexico will contribute to the dissemination of science, the professional development of students and the improvement of the scientific networks of students.

The main activities will be:

- Professional development workshops for students

- Technical talks about optics, photonics, relativity and sustainability

- Student presentations (talks and posters)

- SPIE-OSA student chapter exhibition

- Mexican SPIE-OSA student chapter national meeting

- Social events

News about the SOASE - FOCUS Mexico will be uploaded on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SOASE and later to the SOASE website. For information please contact the local committee energiasustentable@fcfm.uanl.mx.