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Activities of the Ctr de Investigaciones en Óptica SPIE Student Chapter

The student chapter of the Society of Optics and Photonics from Centro de Investigaciones en Óptica A.C. (CIO) based in León, Gto. México has the purpose of promoting outreach events with the local community at different education levels. During this year we have held several activities involving the promotion of our Chapter that we want to share with all the SPIE student community. Each year, since 2005, the student chapters of the CIO have been organizing several events in our institution in order to promote the wide fields covered by optics. In this brief note we want to present some of the events organized this year in order to motivate other chapters to promote theirs.

One of the events organized were the informal talks with researchers not only from the CIO but also from distinguished visitors such as entrepreneurs from our city. The Secretary of Economy Development of Guanajuato subsecretary , Froylan Salas. The National Council on Science and Technology (CONACYT) director (Dr. Enrique Villa Rivera ) and Dr. Maria Yzuel among others.

In order to raise our member’s chapter roster, we organized several talks presenting the benefits offered by SPIE ,for example: The annual scholarship application, discounts in registration conferences, travel grant applications etc. We gave brief explanations of deadlines and how to apply for them taking into account advice from some members that already obtained that grant, for instance, David Serrano, who obtained one of the 2011 Scholarships.

Another event promoted by us was the organization of several specialized courses to gain experience and knowledge in different areas of specialize besides ours .We began with an introductory course called Machinery Shop in which we learned the basic skills to manufacture mechanical components for our projects. We are planning other types of courses like specialized optics software, lens design, etc.

Furthermore, we continue with the SPIE-CIO Student Chapter project involving young people in science and especially in optics in our community. Spread-out science in different events organized in our community. We are currently participating in several events, one of the main is making a workshop called “A peek at the Light Science” where we showed high-school students experiments related to optics and another one held at a small community where we made an spectrograph,the Newton disc and the color fusion; optical illusions and stereograms.

Another event that we participated was in was the Children's Day festival held at a local science park called Explora. In this event we taught kids how to build a kaleidoscope, a dragon display showing how its head seems to be turning as you walk by and some optical illusions.

In an effort to increase the academic level of the students who pursue graduate studies at CIO. We implemented, for the second time, introductory courses for students who want to take part in the process of admission to the Master’s degree in science (Optics) and the master’s degree in optomechatronics. Both Chapters (OSA-SPIE along with the academic department) taught introductory courses for one month.

We mentioned some events that we organized during this year and we are planning more, one of the principal involving several chapters of México and we are extending an invitation to attend is the 3rd National Meeting of México SPIE-CIO Chapter. This meeting has the purpose of creating collaborations among local chapters of México where our chapter held the first meeting in 2010. Both local chapters of CIO were at the event the last year in conjunction of the Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica as well as other chapters from Univ. Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and OSA Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla. One of the main topics discussed in the event was the search of the organization of an IONS conference in México. http://congresos.cio.mx/mopm/index.htm

We are very grateful for the support provided by our Academic Director Dr. Francisco Cuevas de la Rosa, Our Chapter Advisor Dr. Oracio Barbosa and the CIO General Director Dr. Fernando Mendoza Santoyo in all the events throughout the year. 

Ctr de Investigaciones en Óptica Chapter 

León, Guanajuato. México

(President) Héctor Santiago Hernández

(Vice-President) Yuliana Mariem Espinosa Sanchez 

(Treasurer) Andrea Ceja Fernández 

(Secretary) David I. Serrano García