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Upcoming Student Events at SPIE Optics + Photonics

Student Chapter Leadership Workshop

The 2010 SPIE Student Chapter Leadership Workshop will be facilitated by nationally-known science and engineering career development expert Alaina G. Levine. Levine is the President of Quantum Success Solutions, a leadership training enterprise with a focus on advancing the professional development expertise of engineers and scientists. She has been advising emerging and established engineers and scientists about their careers for over a decade.

At the 2010 Workshop, Levine will facilitate an interactive and informative workshop which will address all the essential skills you need to establish yourself as a scientific and engineering leader. You will emerge from this seminar with a specific knowledge of strategies and tactics to ensure you propel your career in the direction that’s right for you, and hone your core talents in leadership and teambuilding.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Personal Professional Leadership – An overview of strategic principles that ensure you triumph in your career, and how to identify and seize valuable opportunities that will contribute to your success.

  • Chapter Problem Solving – Apply your professional skills to leading and managing successful chapters. Learn how to motivate people (particularly across nationalities), attract and sustain memberships, develop goals, fundraise, and produce a strategic plan. Also, learn how to leverage your alliance with your advisor for further organizational victory.

  • Teambuilding Principles – Discover the essentials of creating dynamic, value-producing teams. Learn how to interact with team members in challenging situations, manage conflict, and gain expertise in professional etiquette in business interactions.

Called engaging, entertaining, and enthusiastic by the hundreds of audiences who have experienced her seminars, Levine has given workshops and talks throughout the United States and in Europe. She currently writes the career column for the national publication of the American Physical Society.

Professional Skills Workshop, Keynote Lunch, Optics Outreach and Education Conference

A panel discussion on career pathways and professional skills workshops start the day on Sunday, giving students time to examine their career and focus on specific learning areas.  Alaina will present a special session on "Working with Industry Partners" and popular instructor Thomas Tongue will present his session on "Presentation Skills."  These events lead into the lunchtime keynote talk.  This year, our keynote speaker for the lunch is Prof. Noah Finkelstein of CU-Boulder, a nationally known expert in Physics Education Research.  He will speak about some of the latest research from educators on how best to teach physics to students.  Prof. Finkelstein's talk also is the keynote for a concurrent conference in Optics Outreach and Education organized by Groot Gregory of Optical Research Associates.  This conference takes place through out Sunday and will provide a venue for those people involved in outreach to present the latest results from their efforts.  Students are encouraged to attend this conference.  Nearly every student chapter that hosts outreach events could potentially present their work at this conference or at ETOP (Education and Training in Optics and Photonics).

Optics Outreach Olympics

On Sunday evening, SPIE Student Services will host the Optics Outreach Olympics-- an opportunity for chapters to showcase their outreach efforts and demonstrations. Chapters are invited to bring an optics demonstration or piece of optics curriculum to present.  In Olympics fashion, there will be competitions for best demonstration and explanation - a short and a long program - evaluated by members of the Education conference.  In addition to the student demonstrations, there will be additional competitions and the ever popular student social.  Laserfest Grant recipients and Student Chapter Leadership Workshop attendees will receive more information about how to participate in the Olympics by the end of May.