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New Programs, Reduced Membership Rate for Recent Grads

Thankfully, no one stays a student forever. As SPIE student members graduate and join the world of the optics professional, their needs necessarily change. New questions about your future need new answers. How do you negotiate for a start-up package or an increase in salary? How do you write better proposals? What is the best way to manage a team of colleagues or grad students? Can I stop living on Ramen noodles?

Attendees of the first Early Career Networking Social at Optics + Photonics mingled with recent graduates, Symposia and Conference Chairs, and SPIE Leadership. Watch for more of these events at upcoming conferences.

In January, SPIE will be launching the Early Career Professional (ECP) program to address these unique needs. The program will be dedicated to providing more focused professional development networking opportunities, new online resources, and a streamlined approach to getting members more involved with SPIE conference committees. ECPs – anyone who has graduated within the past 3 years – will be able to purchase membership at a reduced annual rate of $55 (compared with $105/yr for Regular Members) for a maximum of 3 years.

We are busy planning a number of unique speakers and networking events at upcoming SPIE meetings including Photonics West, Defense & Security Symposia, and Optics + Photonics. Working with our new partner, OnStream, we will be releasing webinars and speaker series designed with these recent graduates in mind. Watch spie.org/earlycareer for updates!