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Professional Portfolios: The Next Step in Résumé/CV Excellence

By Jason Hamman

Recent job market trends have stressed both academic achievement and strong extra-curricular involvement. Applying for a job involves not only a simple résumé/CV and cover letter, but also strong interpersonal skills and extra-curricular involvement as unwritten requirements for getting an interview.

For many SPIE Student Members, involvement in a Student Chapter qualifies as a well-received (and sought after) activity to potential employers. The dynamic nature of student groups and their desire for intellectual and personal/group advancement, creates a situation of great potential for Chapter Members, assuming they have the tools to formulate a well presented portfolio of achievements outside the classroom.

To address this, Student Services, along with some of its key Student Members have created professional portfolios, which are specially designed to highlight the activities and achievements of our Student Members when applying for jobs. A large portion of these portfolios rely on the use of SPIEWorks, the free SPIE employment website, as a media to publish your portfolios and market yourself to employers in optics.

For more information on how to create your own professional portfolio, follow the links below to view PowerPoint presentations describing the goal of professional portfolios and how to create them on SPIEWorks.com (PowerPoint software is not required to view).

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