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Chapter Booths and Posters at Optics & Photonics 2006

By Jason Hamman

Students learned more about each Chapter by visiting their booths and posters in the Exhibition Hall.Optics & Photonics 2006 brought 27 student chapters from nearly 10 countries. Chapters set up booths and posters alongside established exhibitors showcasing their activities and achievements. SPIE Student Services was on hand to facilitate connections between students and professionals, and distributed SPIE gear. While enjoying their gifts, attendees took the opportunity to learn more about each chapter's recent activities. Notable exhibits included the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute Student Chapter, which provided initial marketing for a new laser designed by their school; the University of California/Davis Student Chapter, which demonstrated a scale version of their "Laser Maze" outreach activity used to generate interest in optics at local schools; and the Koç University Student Chapter (Turkey), who generated lively discussion with their sponsored solar car race used to teach children and young adults the science of solar optics.

The chapter booths and posters focused on outreach activities currently used to promote optical sciences in surrounding communities. Like the student chapters, PHOTON2, a network of North American teachers devoted to optics in pre-college education, are also very interested in collaboration between optics students and local schools. Due to these common goals, the PHOTON2 exhibits were placed next to chapter booths to facilitate contacts between students and teachers, fostering essential connections for planning broader outreach endeavors.

Also present was the SPIEWorks Career Fair, featuring potential employers such as Panavision, Oceanit, Cymer, SolFocus, Lockheed Martin, CIBA Vision, Digital Optics Corp., and the University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences. Visit SPIEWorks for more information on upcoming career fairs both online and at SPIE conferences, and check out tips for your own job search.

Those attending Optics & Photonics 2007 can look forward to a simplified registration process and more participation from fellow students while maintaining the same level of quality interactions between students, teachers, and potential employers.

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