Unidad de Formación Superior - CONAE Chapter

Unidad de Formación Superior - CONAE Chapter

Ruta C45 KM 8

The chapter was established on 2 September 2016.

2020 Chapter Benefits

Activity GrantAvailable
Optics Outreach KitAvailable
Visiting LecturerAvailable
Officer Travel GrantAvailable

Latest Reports:


Report is due annually on 1 September.

2020 Chapter Officers

Advisor: Patricio Fluxa
President: Juan Pablo Vargas
Vice President: Christian Gabriel Gomez
Secretary: Blas Vega Molinas
Treasurer: Emmanuel Walter Gomez

Member Roster

Total Student Members: 11    [Hide Roster]

Name Expires
David Aguirre Salcedo 5 March 2020
Ada Caballero 5 March 2020
Christian Gabriel Gomez 5 March 2020
Emmanuel Walter Gomez 5 March 2020
Santiago Martín Henn 5 March 2020
Ignacio Pintos Paladea 5 March 2020
Gustavo Santos 5 March 2020
Danilo Silva 6 March 2020
Ariel Sosa Visconti 5 March 2020
Juan Pablo Vargas 5 March 2020
Blas Vega Molinas 5 March 2020

Alumni Roster

No current alumni members listed.

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