Univ. Tecnológica de Pereira Chapter

Univ. Tecnológica de Pereira Chapter

Physics Dept
Carrera 27 #10-02 Barrio Alamos
Pereira Risaralda

The chapter was established on 14 August 2015.

2019 Chapter Benefits

Activity GrantUsed
Optics Outreach KitUsed
Visiting LecturerAvailable
Officer Travel GrantUsed

Latest Reports:


Report is due annually on 1 September.

2019 Chapter Officers

Member Roster

Total Student Members: 11    [Hide Roster]

Name Expires
Fabio Alejandro Duque Giraldo 18 November 2019
Laura Duque Herrera 2 March 2020
Sofia Franco Rodriguez 14 September 2019
Maria Camila Gómez Ceballos 21 May 2020
John Edwin Granada Arroyave 20 February 2020
María del mar López Rendon 27 March 2020
Juan David Lopez Vargas 8 November 2019
Juan Camilo Osorio Tascón 22 March 2020
Valentina Restrepo Ramirez 22 February 2020
Cristian Rosero Arias 7 May 2020
Luis Eduardo Salazar Manzano 27 February 2020

Alumni Roster

No current alumni members listed.

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