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Recent SPIE FOCUS Conferences 

Student conferences are an excellent way to make new contacts, work on professional and career development skills, and present research to your peers. Conferences often have a more relaxed atmosphere, include social events, and professional development courses or speakers.

SPIE helps fund student conferences through our FOCUS Conference Grant. FOCUS Conferences feature significant, non-technical professional development opportunities, high quality speakers, career development, a social program, student oral and poster presentations, and often Student Best Paper Awards.

Two FOCUS Conferences were held this Fall, put on by the Saratov State University chapter and the University of St. Andrews chapter. 

The Saratov Fall Meeting for young scientists and students in optics, laser physics and biophysics has been held at Saratov State University in either September or October for the past two decades. This year the FOCUS grant helped fund their professional development short courses, speakers on preparing manuscripts and social events, such as the Welcome Party. View their conference report for a full look at SFM'16. 

The second FOCUS conference was Biophotonics North at the University of St. Andrews. The conference was targeted to postgraduate students and early-career researches working in the wide and growing field of biophotonics. The program included an excellent mix of topical session talks, professional development workshops and industry speakers. Check back soon for the full conference report posted on SPIE.org

SPIE FOCUS Conference Grant applications are accepted twice a year. The next deadline is 1 February 2017. Questions? Please email students@spie.org