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Student Members

SPIE Student Membership

SPIE Student Membership is your gateway to the optics industry. Joining the society provides access to resources that will make a difference in your career.

Annual Dues

Standard Student Membership: $20
Students in Special Consideration Nations$10
Pre-College Student Membership: No Charge

Benefits of Student Membership

Joining SPIE is easy through our web form, or you can download an Adobe Acrobat file (available in 6 languages) and submit it to SPIE via e-mail or FAX. Join now.

More Resources, More Connections
Joining a Student Chapter makes you a part of a dynamic international network of students working in optics and photonics programs.

Student Membership
SPIE defines a student as someone engaged in full-time studies, who has not yet attained their terminal degree. Post-Docs are not eligible for student membership and discounts.

Pre-College Students, you are eligible for a complimentary Membership in SPIE. Pre-College Memberships do not include a journal subscription. You must complete this Pre-College Membership Application PDF and return it to SPIE via email customerservice@spie.org, fax (+1 360 647 1445), or postal mail. You may not use the web interface to take advantage of this offer. If you have any questions, please e-mail students@spie.org.

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