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72 New SPIE Fellows Elected

Each year, SPIE promotes Members as new Fellows of the Society. SPIE will honor 72 new Fellows of the Society this year. Fellows are Members of distinction who have made significant scientific and technical contributions in the multidisciplinary fields of optics, photonics, and imaging. They are honored for their technical achievement and for their service to the general optics community and to SPIE in particular. More than 1,500 SPIE members have become Fellows since the Society's inception in 1955.

To nominate a colleague for this distinction, submit your nomination by 15 September 2020; nomination support materials can be received until 1 October 2020.

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2020 SPIE Fellows

Jun Arai

Jun Arai

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japan
for achievements in three-dimensional display field using integral imaging
Theresa Axenson

Theresa Axenson

National Reconnaissance Office, United States
for achievements in the development of active & passive electro-optical sensor systems for commercial, civil & department of defense applications
Sarah Bohndiek

Sarah Bohndiek

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
for achievements in optical and optoacoustic imaging and spectroscopy in medicine
Caroline Boudoux

Caroline Boudoux

Castor Optics Inc., Canada
for achievements in technical contributions to fiber optics including the formation of a successful fiber optics R&D company
Delia Cabrera

Delia Cabrera

University of Miami, United States
for achievements in novel imaging biomarker development with an emphasis in ophthalmology and vision science, and neuroscience
Marcelo Dapino

Marcelo Dapino

Ohio State University, United States
for achievements in smart materials and structures, especially magnetostrictive alloys and applications
Timothy Day

Timothy Day

DRS Daylight Solutions, United States
for achievements in technical and business management, co-founded two major businesses in the photonics industry, and large patent/product portfolios
Marta de la Fuente

Marta de la Fuente

ASE Optics Europe, Spain
for achievements in optical systems design
Thomas Deserno

Thomas Deserno

Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics University of Braunschweig, Germany
for achievements in the field of medical informatics, medical image analysis, and service to SPIE
Celine D'Orgeville

Celine D'Orgeville

Australian National University, Australia
for achievements in Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics research & development, optics community engagement, and champion for diversity and equity
John Dudley

John Dudley

CNRS Institute FEMTO-ST - Université de Franche-Comté , France
for achievements in ultrafast and nonlinear optics as well as leadership in outreach activities
Alper Erturk

Alper Erturk

Georgia Institute of Technology, United States
for achievements in nonlinear energy harvesting, bio-inspired piezoelectric actuation, and metamaterials
Sina Farsiu

Sina Farsiu

Duke University, United States
for achievements in optical and biophotonics image processing and analysis
Wolfgang Fink

Wolfgang Fink

University of Arizona, United States
for achievements in vision science for the blind and tele-ophthalmic healthcare worldwide
Alejandro Frangi

Alejandro Frangi

University of Leeds, United Kingdom
for achievements in statistical methods in medical image computing and image-based computational modelling
Hiroshi Fukuda

Hiroshi Fukuda

Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Japan
for achievements in resolution enhancement technologies and modeling of optical lithography, metrology for advanced lithography
Sergi Gallego Rico

Sergi Gallego Rico

University of Alicante, Spain
for achievements in holography, holographic materials, optical storage, diffractive optics and spatial light modulators
James Gee

James Gee

University of Pennsylvania, United States
for achievements in medical image processing and analysis
Irene Georgakoudi

Irene Georgakoudi

Tufts University, United States
for achievements in spectroscopy and imaging of collagen structure and metabolic processes in living tissues
Stephen Glick

Stephen Glick

U.S. Food and Drug Administration, United States
for achievements in nuclear medicine imaging and the physics of x-ray imaging
Tzung-Fang Guo

Tzung-Fang Guo

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
for achievements in organic electronics devices, perovskite-based PVs and LEDs
Stephen Hammel

Stephen Hammel

Naval Information Warfare Ctr. Pacific, United States
for achievements in characterizing the effects of the atmosphere on a propagating laser beam
Daniel Hammer

Daniel Hammer

US Food and Drug Administration, United States
for achievements in biomedical optical imaging instruments and methods for disease diagnosis and treatment
Ming Han

Ming Han

Michigan State Univ., United States
for achievements in fiber-optic sensor research and development
Gloria Hoefler

Gloria Hoefler

Infinera Corp, United States
for achievements in LED and QCL manufacturing
Michael Hoenk

Michael Hoenk

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, United States
for achievements in the field of optics and photonics sensors and imaging sensors
Yi-Pai Huang

Yi-Pai Huang

National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
for achievements in LC-lens applications in 3D & AR/VR
Zhiwei Huang

Zhiwei Huang

National University of Singapore, Singapore
for achievements in biophotonics, confocal fiber Raman endoscope, and super-resolution coherent Raman imaging
James Hubbard

James Hubbard

Texas A&M University, United States
for achievements in distributed actuation and sensing using piezoelectric actuators and piezofilm sensors
David Huckridge

David Huckridge

consultant, United Kingdom
for achievements in electro-optical/infrared components and systems
Bennett Ibey

Bennett Ibey

Air Force Research Laboratory, United States
for achievements in optical and THz radiation interaction with tissues and broad outreach activities in the area of optics and photonics
Kenneth Jerkatis

Kenneth Jerkatis

Ball Aerospace, United States
for achievements in significant advances in military photonics: laser systems; laser communication and EO imaging systems for airborne platforms
Malgosia Kaczmarek

Malgosia Kaczmarek

Univ. of Southampton, United Kingdom
for achievements in plasmonic and photonic soft matter architectures
Wilhelm Kaenders

Wilhelm Kaenders

TOPTICA Photonics AG, Germany
for achievements in laser applications
Rainer Kling

Rainer Kling

ALPhANOV, France
for achievements in EUV radiation
Junichiro Kono

Junichiro Kono

Rice University, United States
for achievements in ultrafast, nonlinear, and terahertz spectroscopy of quantum materials; optoelectronic device applications of nanomaterials
Wei Lee

Wei Lee

National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
for achievements in research and education in liquid crystal photonic devices and bio-sensing applications
Richard Levenson

Richard Levenson

Univ. of California, Davis, United States
for achievements in optical biopsy and digital pathology
Gang Li

Gang Li

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
for achievements in organic photovoltaic devices and organic optoelectronics
Zhenqiang Ma

Zhenqiang Ma

University of Wisconsin – Madison, United States
for achievements in flexible optoelectronics
Arash Mafi

Arash Mafi

The Univ. of New Mexico, United States
for achievements in quantum and nonlinear behavior of optical waveguides
Andrey Matsko

Andrey Matsko

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory , United States
for achievements in theory, design, engineering and device applications of ultra-high Q whispering gallery mode resonators
Ian McLean

Ian McLean

University of California, Los Angeles, United States
for achievements in astronomical instrumentation development, community service, and education
Prof. Andres Marquez

Seemantini Nadkarni

Wellman Ctr. for Photomedicine, United States
for achievements in laser speckle rheology
Nadarajah Narendran

Nadarajah Narendran

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States
for achievements in LED and solid-state lighting performance improvement, short- and long-term testing, package design, and applications
Stefan Nolte

Stefan Nolte

Friedrich-Schiller-Univ Jena, Germany
for achievements in advancing fundamental knowledge in ultrashort pulse laser micromachining
Zoubeida Ounaies

Zoubeida Ounaies

The Pennsylvania State University, United States
for achievements in analysis and realization of mechanical-electrical-chemical coupling in polymer nanocomposites
Kyung Hyun Park

Kyung Hyun Park

Electronics Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea
for achievements in terahertz photonics, especially in exceptional achievements in developing the devices and industrial application systems
YongKeun Park

YongKeun Park

KAIST, Korea
for achievements in quantitative phase imaging and wavefront shaping
Paul Pellegrino

Paul Pellegrino

U S Army Research Lab, United States
for achievements in optical scattering and sensing
Wellesley Pereira

Wellesley Pereira

Air Force Research Lab, United States
for achievements in EO-IR sensors and space systems
Roberto Pini

Roberto Pini

Institute of Applied Physics (IFAC-CNR), Italy
for achievements in biophotonic technologies for diagnostics and therapy, including advanced microscopies, nanomaterials and light sources
Austin Richards

Austin Richards

FLIR Systems, United States
for achievements in infrared and ultraviolet imaging systems development and innovation, and invisible-light imaging technology education
Michael Rieger

Michael Rieger

consultant, United States
for achievements in computational lithography foundation and development
Anna Wang Roe

Anna Wang Roe

Zhejiang University, China
for achievements in neuroscience, neuroimaging, and neurotechnology
Raymond Rumpf

Raymond Rumpf

The Univ. of Texas at El Paso, United States
for achievements in 3D printing, nanophotonics, and electromagnetics
Zouheir Sekkat

Zouheir Sekkat

University Mohamed V, Morocco
for achievements in photonics for inventing sub-Tg light induced molecular motion in nonlinear optical polymers and developing related theories
Gennady Shvets

Gennady Shvets

Cornell University, United States
for achievements in optical metamaterials and nanophotonics and their applications, especially to life sciences
Doug Simons

Doug Simons

Canada France Hawaii Telescope Observatory, United States
for achievements in leadership in ground based astronomical instrumentation, telescopes, and public outreach
Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Nikon Research Corporation of America, United States
for achievements in contributions in microlithographic optical technologies, wave front metrology, fringe projection and x-ray technology
Laura Smoliar

Laura Smoliar

Berkeley Catalyst Fund, United States
for achievements in micromachined optical devices and systems
Stephen Sweeney

Stephen Sweeney

University of Surrey, United Kingdom
for achievements in leading research into novel semiconductor materials & photonic devices for communications, energy & sensing applications
Setsuhisa Tanabe

Setsuhisa Tanabe

Kyoto University, Japan
for achievements in visible and IR solid state materials design and fabrication
Paola Taroni

Paola Taroni

Politecnico di Milano, Italy
for achievements in development of photonics systems for time-resolved spectroscopy and imaging and their applications in biology and medicine
Alexander van Eijk

Alexander van Eijk

TNO, Netherlands
for achievements in atmospheric optics
Michael Vasilyev

Michael Vasilyev

University of Texas Arlington, United States
for achievements in nonlinear-optical signal processing
Sean Wang

Sean Wang

B&W TEK INC, United States
for achievements in entrepreneurship and technical management in instrumentation, bio-photonics, and spectroscopy
Shu-i Wang

Shu-i Wang

Northrop Grumman, United States
for achievements in optical development of innovative products and facilities' instruments for both commercial and military applications
Qi-Huo Wei

Qi-Huo Wei

Kent State University, United States
for achievements in concept of designing organic soft matter by photopatterning based on plasmonic metamasks
Christopher Wilcox

Christopher Wilcox

Air Force Research Lab, United States
for achievements in adaptive optics, MEMS, and liquid crystals
Rachel Won

Rachel Won

Nature Publishing Group, United Kingdom
for achievements in leadership in scientific publishing, raising the societal visibility of optics, and exceptional commitment to outreach
Yimin Zhang

Yimin Zhang

Temple University, United States
for achievements in computational imaging and applications to RF sensing

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