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SPIE Fellows

58 New SPIE Fellows Elected

Each year, SPIE promotes Members as new Fellows of the Society. SPIE will honor 58 new Fellows of the Society this year. Fellows are Members of distinction who have made significant scientific and technical contributions in the multidisciplinary fields of optics, photonics, and imaging. They are honored for their technical achievement and for their service to the general optics community and to SPIE in particular. More than 1,600 SPIE members have become Fellows since the Society's inception in 1955.

To nominate a colleague for this distinction, submit your nomination by 15 September 2022; nomination support materials can be received until 1 October 2022.  All Fellow nominees must first be Senior Members of SPIE to be considered.

Nominate a Fellow

Prof. Wengang Bi   Prof. Wengang Bi
Hebei Univ of Technology, United States
Prof. Steve Blair   Prof. Steve Blair
Univ of Utah, United States
Prof. Shean-Jen Chen   Prof. Shean-Jen Chen
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan
Dr. Weijie Chen   Dr. Weijie Chen
US Food and Drug Administration, United States
Prof. Pankaj Kumar Choudhury   Prof. Pankaj Kumar Choudhury
Univ Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia
Dr. Vincent M. Cowan   Dr. Vincent M. Cowan
United States Air Force Research Laboratory, United States
Prof. Mini Das   Prof. Mini Das
Univ. of Houston, United States
Prof. Charles A. DiMarzio   Prof. Charles A. DiMarzio
Northeastern Univ, United States
Dr. James T. Dobbins   Dr. James T. Dobbins
Duke University, United States
Dr. Jean J. Dolne   Dr. Jean J. Dolne
Boeing Co, United States
Prof. Kevin W. Eliceiri   Prof. Kevin W. Eliceiri
University of Wisconsin, United States
Dr. Nelson M. Felix   Dr. Nelson M. Felix
IBM Research, United States
Prof. Ling Fu   Prof. Ling Fu
Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology, China
Prof. Yu Fu   Prof. Yu Fu
ShenZhen University, China
Prof. Michael E. Gehm   Prof. Michael E. Gehm
Duke Univ, United States
Dr. Manuel Guizar-Sicairos   Dr. Manuel Guizar-Sicairos
Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
Prof. Christoph Hoeschen   Prof. Christoph Hoeschen
Otto-von-Guericke-Univ, Germany
Dr. Hyun Wook Kang   Dr. Hyun Wook Kang
Pukyong National Univ, Korea, Republic of
Prof. Anupama B. Kaul   Prof. Anupama B. Kaul
Univ of North Texas, United States
Ms. Tina E. Kidger   Ms. Tina E. Kidger
Kidger Optics Associates, United Kingdom
Dr. Chiman Kwan   Dr. Chiman Kwan
United States
Dr. Bennett A. Landman   Dr. Bennett A. Landman
Vanderbilt Univ, United States
Prof. Jiun-Haw Lee   Prof. Jiun-Haw Lee
National Taiwan Univ, Taiwan
Prof. Yi-Hsin Lin   Prof. Yi-Hsin Lin
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung Univ, Taiwan
Dr. Dariusz Litwin   Dr. Dariusz Litwin
Tele and Radio Research Institute, Poland
Prof. Tien-Chang Lu   Prof. Tien-Chang Lu
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung Univ, Taiwan
Dr. Kevin Lucas   Dr. Kevin Lucas
Synopsys Inc, United States
Prof. Yuan Luo   Prof. Yuan Luo
National Taiwan Univ, Taiwan
Dr. Wayne R. McKinney   Dr. Wayne R. McKinney
United States
Dr. Mike J. McShane   Dr. Mike J. McShane
Texas A&M Univ, United States
Dr. Gualtiero Nunzi Conti   Dr. Gualtiero Nunzi Conti
Istituto di Fisica Applicata "Nello Carrara", Italy
Prof. Salah Sabry  A. Obayya   Prof. Salah Sabry A. Obayya
Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt
Prof. Lidia Ogiela   Prof. Lidia Ogiela
AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland
Prof. Uzodinma Okoroanyanwu   Prof. Uzodinma Okoroanyanwu
University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States
Dr. Elisabet Pérez Cabré   Dr. Elisabet Pérez Cabré
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain
Prof. Malin Premaratne   Prof. Malin Premaratne
Monash University, Australia
Dr. M. Yasin Akhtar Raja   Dr. M. Yasin Akhtar Raja
Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte, United States
Dr. Haisheng Rong   Dr. Haisheng Rong
Intel Corporation, United States
Prof. Yasuhiko Shimotsuma   Prof. Yasuhiko Shimotsuma
Kyoto Univ Graduate School of Engg, Japan
Prof. Shy Shoham   Prof. Shy Shoham
NYU Langone Health, United States
Dr. Tatyana Sizyuk   Dr. Tatyana Sizyuk
Argonne National Laboratory, United States
Prof. Henry A. Sodano   Prof. Henry A. Sodano
Univ of Michigan, United States
Prof. Volker J. Sorger   Prof. Volker J. Sorger
George Washington Univ, United States
Dr. Mark F. Spencer   Dr. Mark F. Spencer
Air Force Research Laboratory, United States
Mr. Christopher J. Stolz   Mr. Christopher J. Stolz
Lawrence Livermore National Lab, United States
Dr. Jinghua Teng   Dr. Jinghua Teng
A*STAR IMRE, Singapore
Prof. Sergio N. Torres   Prof. Sergio N. Torres
Univ de Concepción, Chile
Prof. Jian Wang   Prof. Jian Wang
Huazhong Univ of Science and Technology (HUST), China
Prof. Lizhe Wang   Prof. Lizhe Wang
China University of Geosciences, China
Prof. Xueding Wang   Prof. Xueding Wang
Univ of Michigan, United States
Prof. Douglas H. Werner   Prof. Douglas H. Werner
Pennsylvania State Univ, United States
Prof. Kenneth K. Y. Wong   Prof. Kenneth K. Y. Wong
Univ of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Prof. Fei Xu   Prof. Fei Xu
Nanjing Univ, China
Dr. Sumio Yano   Dr. Sumio Yano
Prof. Ta-Jen Yen   Prof. Ta-Jen Yen
National Tsing Hua Univ, Taiwan
Prof. Xiaobo Yin   Prof. Xiaobo Yin
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Prof. Baohong Yuan   Prof. Baohong Yuan
Univ of Texas at Arlington, United States
Prof. Xihua Zou   Prof. Xihua Zou
Southwest Jiaotong Univ, China
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