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BACUS Corporate Membership

Benefits include:
• Subscription to BACUS News (monthly)
• Listed as a Corporate Member in the BACUS Monthly Newsletter
• Promotional signage at either/both SPIE Advanced Lithography
  and SPIE Photomask conferences.

Membership Tiers
by company annual revenue
Corporate Member
Corporate Member
  More than $1 billion $6,000 $6,600
> $250 million to $1 billion $4,500 $5,080
> $50 million to $250 million $3,500 $3,980
> $10 million to $50 million $2,500 $2,890
  $2 million to $10 million $1,500 $1,730
< $2 million or non-profit $650 $830


Join | Renewals

Go online to join or update your SPIE Corporate Membership.

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Corporate Membership, and the Individual Memberships that are part of your Member benefits, begin on the first day of the month in which your application is submitted.

Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Contact SPIE via phone or emailFor general questions
concerning SPIE Corporate Membership, email help@spie.org