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Founded in 1980 by a group of chrome blank users wanting a single voice to interact with suppliers, BACUS has grown to become the largest and most widely known forum for the exchange of technical information in the field of photomask applications, manufacturing, research and development. BACUS joined SPIE in January of 1991 to expand the exchange of information with photomask manufacturers around the world as well as with the external design enhancement community and final end users of the products.

The group sponsors an informative monthly meeting and newsletter, BACUS News. The SPIE/BACUS Annual Photomask Technology Symposium covers photomask technology focused on the infrastructure necessary to advance and enhance the technology going forward. This includes fundamental photomask processes; materials, resist, lithography, etch, clean, metrology, inspection, repair, quality, and manufacturing management. In addition, phase shift mask technology for enhanced imaging for critical layer patterning has opened up opportunity to collaborate with the lithography community and has been well integrated into the charter of the BACUS group. Forward looking concepts of design for manufacturing involving photomask technology is currently well under way with extensive activity in rigorous simulations of true photomask optical and physical attributes.

The evolution of BACUS into a synergistic organization of design, application, and photomask manufacturing is an exciting opportunity to bridge several interactive fields. BACUS continues to promote this effort through a strong community consisting of individuals who are interested in further integrating technology to drive the community forward.