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Professional Development Webinar Series for SPIE Members

Anthony Fasano at the Engineering Career Coach Summit
image courtesy of engineeringcareercoach.com

From October 2016 to July 2017, SPIE partnered with the Engineering Career Coach, Anthony Fasano, PE, author of Engineer Your Own Success, to host a series of professional development webcasts for our membership.

The SPIE Member Professional Development series included the following five presentations:

If you have any questions about the series or membership, please contact Tasha Chicovsky in the Membership and Community Department at SPIE.

Webinar #1: How to Communicate Effectively as an Engineer:
This session was recorded Tuesday, 18 October 2016; Members can log in to watch the recording.

Your communication skills play a critical role in your engineering career success. However, with all of the different forms of communication today, it can be a challenge to consistently communicate effectively, yet failure to do so can be catastrophic to your career and life overall.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the different forms of communication and when to use each of them
  • Communicate effectively with team members
  • Say things in a way that will help you get the response you are seeking
  • Improve your public speaking skills which will help you get promoted faster
  • Listen more effectively (the key to communication)
  • Be responsive so people want to communicate with you


Webinar #2: How to Effectively Network and Build Relationships for Engineers:
This session was recorded Tuesday, 13 December 2016; Members can log in to watch the recording.

Too many engineers and technical professionals think of networking as collecting business cards - WRONG! Networking is all about building relationships. In this session, you will learn the importance of networking and receive strategies that you can start to use to build strong relationships today. Not just 'business card' relationships but ones that will yield enjoyment and career opportunities for years to come.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define networking and its importance
  • Start building lasting relationships
  • Determine with whom and where to network
  • Identify relationship opportunities
  • Create a networking plan
  • Overcome low confidence and language barriers
  • Use social networking appropriately and effectively


Webinar #3: How to Develop the Engineer Leader Inside of You:
This session was recorded Tuesday, 14 March 2017; Members can log in to watch the recording.

There are no classes on leadership in engineering school, yet your ability to lead yourself and others will have a tremendous impact on your career and the overall success of your company.

This session will:

  • Help you to realize that you are already a leader
  • Discuss the power of positivity in leadership
  • Provide strategies for seeing opportunities in every situation
  • Give recommendations for delegating the right tasks
  • Discuss the importance of earning respect from your peers and get into the details of how to best engage employees and maximize their potential


Webinar #4: How to Prepare a Winning Resume and Succeed at Every Job Interview:
This session was recorded Tuesday, 9 May 2017; Members can log in to watch the recording.

Creating a winning resume and knowing all of the secrets to each interview could hold the key to getting your dream engineering job and eventually having a successful career. This session provides exactly that to for engineers from students to experienced professionals who wish to either find a new job OR be prepared should they ever have or want to.

This session covers:

  • One key factor on how the resume will be read that you must know
  • Dynamics of writing a winning resume
  • How to effectively provide non-engineering experiences on the resume
  • How to use LinkedIn for a competitive advantage
  • Interview preparations
  • Actual interview process

This session will guide attendees in creating resumes that will stand out from the rest especially in today’s state of the economy where most job openings receive hundreds of resumes and applications. While it is important to learn the secrets of creating a good resume, the interview process should not be overlooked. In this session, attendees will learn some ways to prepare for the interview, and be equipped with the right answers and questions.


Webinar #5: 3 Steps to Effective Goal Setting for Engineering Professionals:
This session was recorded Tuesday, 18 July 2017; Members can log in to watch the recording.

Whether you are an engineering student or a seasoned manager, if you don’t have clear goals, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Career goals are an absolute must because they act as a destination for your career. Think of this analogy: you get into your car to drive somewhere that you have never been before; what piece of information do you need to get there? Yes – an address! A goal is an address for your career. Without this address, every time you approach an intersection (or decision in your career) you’ll never be sure which way to turn.

This session guides you through a simple 3-step goal setting process to not only set your goals but to get to the true meaning of why certain goals are important to you. Knowing WHY you want to achieve a goal is just as important as setting goals, if not more. You’ll also be given three very specific steps to setting clear goals that you can use immediately upon completion of the session.


About the Speaker:

Anthony Fasano, PE

Anthony Fasano, PE received a BS and a MS in Civil Engineering from Lafayette College and Columbia University respectively and his executive coaching certificate from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

After becoming a partner at a reputable engineering firm at the age of 27, he realized that his success was related largely to the development of his non-technical skills. Since that time Anthony has decided to transition his career from designing to inspiring engineers in their soft skill development through coaching, speaking and training.

He is the founder of The Engineering Career Coach, a content website with two engineering podcasts that provides free career resources to engineers worldwide. The primary podcast, which Fasano hosts, has been downloaded over one million times.