Technical Event
Poster Session II
13 October 2021 • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM EDT icon_live_event.svg
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Available to Registered Attendees of the SPIE Laser Damage Digital Forum

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This event occurred in the past. A recording will be made available soon.

Join us for Poster Pop style presentations, Q&A, and networking with poster authors.

Poster authors will present short overviews on their talks, followed by up to 3 minutes of Q&A for each presentation.

View the presentations to be discussed in this session via the links provided below:

11910-56: Laser-induced contamination on dielectric coatings in sub-ps MHz regime at 515 nm

11910-57: Investigation of particle densities of ultrasonic cleaned substrates using laser damage testing methods

11910-69: Ultra-sensitive laser-based contamination detection for space applications

11910-47: Development of alexandrite laser crystal treatment prior to coating deposition for high power space applications

11910-49: Degradation of optical coatings induced by high-intensity, 515 nm, sub-picosecond burst-mode laser beam

11910-51: Antireflection coatings on LBO crystals: investigation of LIDT scaling with pulse duration at IR and UV wavelengths

11910-59: Dealing with LMJ final optics damage: post-processing and beam blockers implementation

11910-60: Femtosecond laser-induced damage threshold of nematic liquid crystals at 1030 nm

11910-64: Laser damage metrology with small and large beams on a unique testbed

11910-68: Multipass Lock-In Thermography for optical coating absorption measurements

11910-53: Monolayer organic thin films as contamination resistant coatings in optical elements