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Fotónica21 (Spain)

Contact information


Amparo Barreda
Tf: +34 96 131 80 51

Cluster Website


The Spanish Technology Platform for Photonics, Fotónica21, includes key players in the sector in Spain. The Spanish platform born to coordinate national activities in the same way to those carried out in the European Technology Platform Photonics21. As in other European technology platforms, the main goal of Fotónica21 is an efficient backbone of industrial innovation process of photonic technology and its applications in four economic sectors identified as key: Technologies for Information and Communications, Industrial Production and Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Lighting and Displays. In addition, there are three other cross-cutting activities: Security and Sensors, Optical Components and Systems, and Basic Research and Training.

The technologies and capabilities that are covered by our members include: optical sensors, lasers, micromachining, optical fiber, ICT, treatment of cells, microscopy,. One of the main objectives of Fotónica21 is to increase the Spanish participation in the Seventh Framework Programme, within the priorities of the Information Technologies and Communications (ICT), Nanotechnologies, Materials and Production Processes (NMP) and Security (SEC), among the most important.