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Student grants and scholarships are funded by leading companies and individuals from across the lithography community. The primary goal of these funding opportunities is to encourage student participation.

Learn more about grants sponsored by companies and the application process below. Application opens soon.

Graduate students can apply for the Nick Cobb Memborial Scholarship; see information below.

Student engaging with other professionals from the lithography community

Grants provide a unique opportunity

Learn alongside the experts

Explore the semiconductor industry, meet noteworthy experts, and network with peers.

All conference registration fees covered

Student grants cover the full cost of admission.

Reimbursement for travel and lodging*

See below for more details about travel reimbursement

Apply for the Nick Cobb Memorial Scholarship

The Nick Cobb Memorial Scholarship supports the education of a graduate student studying in a field related to advanced lithography. This scholarship will be awarded to one student annually for three years at an amount of $US 10,000 per year, plus travel support paid for by Siemens EDA. The 2024 application deadline is 6 October 2023.

Awards provide recognition for outstanding work

Awards can boost resumes and launch indiviuals' professional trajectories, especialy students and early career professionals. If you know about research that is deserving recognition, be sure to share information about SPIE awards at Advanced Lithography + Patterning so researchers can submit their work.

Take a course in-person

Students are encouraged to review available courses at Advanced Lithography + Patterning.