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Yoann Priol • PHASICS
Phasics’ integrated optics testing stations: Kaleo MTF and Kaleo MutiWAVE
icon_in-person.svgIn Person: Wednesday, 26 January 2022 • 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM | Demo Area 2 (Hall D)
Characterize all type of optics at multiple wavelengths with either Kaleo MultiWAVE, large dynamic range interferometer; or Kaleo MTF, automated MTF & WFE measurement station for high CRA & FOV lenses.


10 November 2021
Kaleo Kit - The new fully modular wavefront metrology solution from Phasics, from UV to MWIR
Kaleo Kit is a compact, modular, and easy-to-use wavefront metrology solution from UV to IR. It relies on the combination of interchangeable and compatible modules (SID4 wavefront sensors, R-cube illumination modules, and beam shapers) allowing you to assemble your own cost-effective metrology system according to your specific requirements. It can adapt to a wide range of measurement configurations and ensure the quality of your sample at all development stages. Access all the characteristics of your sample in a single-shot acquisition: TWE, RWE, wavefront aberrations, MTF, PSF, and a lot more! Learn more about this product on our website:
10 November 2021
New Kaleo MTF – automated MTF and Wavefront Error measurement station for complex high CRA lenses
This new Kaleo MTF station is dedicated to the characterization of challenging lenses. It automatically qualifies both MTF and wavefront aberrations in the entire field at various wavelengths. The measurements are highly accurate and repeatable even for lenses with very high CRA (>40°) and FOV (>90°). It is typically used in autonomous car and AR/VR/MR optical systems metrology and quality control.