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Need to train a group? Many SPIE courses can be customized and taught remotely.

Remote training pricing starts at $8,500 for up to 25 students.

How does it work?

  • Visit 'Find a Course' and browse our roster of available courses.

  • Submit an In-Company Request Form to check on instructor availability and pricing.

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NOTE: We are currently unable to schedule in-person training. If you are interested in scheduling personal instruction from one of our experts, please ask us about remote training. Or view our list of on-demand online courses and ask about our group discounts. 

The benefits of customized group training without travel

No additional travel expenses
•  No travel approval needed
•  Customizable content and length based on your group's needs
•  Train large groups at one time
•  Private instruction
•  Digital certificates
•  Beyond the book instruction: get valuable real-world knowledge drawn from years of hands-on experience. 


SC1174: Improving Laser Reliability: an Introduction
Instructors: William Goodman and Cheryl Asbury

"Fantastic instructors, excellent material. Among the best I have taken."

"Good group collaboration/interactive style of class."

SC014: Introduction to Optomechanical Design
Instructor: Daniel Vukobratovich

"Loved the stories and real life examples. Helped make the material interesting and practical."
SC003: Practical Optical System Design
Instructor: Richard Youngworth

"Great course! Would recommend to colleagues."
SC700: Understanding Scratch and Dig Specifications
Instructor: David Aikens

"Excellent Instructor, huge amount of knowledge and experience in the subject and a clear passion for the industry."

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