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Education and Training in Optics and Photonics Conference

ETOP 2021 | Online

For the latest information about the upcoming ETOP, go to the conference webpage

ETOP (Education and Training in Optics & Photonics) is a biennial conference that brings together educators from around the world to share information about the practice of teaching optics at all levels. The teaching of optics and photonics, critical fields at the core of today's worldwide technological infrastructure, must continually be upgraded and renewed in order to meet the growing demands of research, science, and industry. 

It is the goal of this international conference to bring together leading optics and photonics educators from all levels and orientations to discuss, demonstrate and learn about new developments and approaches to teaching in these fields. Through presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibits, this conference will inform professors, students, teachers, and professional trainers on how to teach optics and photonics for the future

ETOP addresses topics at the pre-college, technician and two-year, four-year and graduate-equivalent levels. Typical session topics include:

  • New methods, tools, kits, and models for photonics education

  • Curriculum development and improvement in optics and photonics

  • Education and training in multidisciplinary environments

  • Education and training tailored to industry needs

  • Teaching optics and photonics using new technologies

  • Teaching optics examples from nature

  • Program accreditation and evaluation

  • Outreach education in optics and photonics

  • Training teachers

  • Future challenges, opportunities, and special topics in education in optics and photonics

Proceedings of ETOP

All past proceedings of ETOP conferences are available as PDFs online (free).

Apply to Host a Future ETOP Conference

The ETOP conference takes place every two years and it is the aim of the sponsors to make this critical information equally available to both developed and developing countries. In order to ensure world-wide participation, the sponsors (ICO, SPIE, OSA and IEEE) welcome and encourage their chapters, affiliated bureaus, sections and other interested organizations to apply to host future ETOP conferences.  

For questions about hosting ETOP 2023 or SPIE's involvement in ETOP 2021, please contact Tasha Chicovsky (tashac@spie.org).

ETOP Sponsors