21 - 25 April 2024
National Harbor, Maryland, US
Industry Event
Thermosense Vendor Session XX
22 April 2024 • 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT | Chesapeake 6 
This session is located in the technical conference area and access requires one of either:
  1. paid technical badge (Chair, Committee, Speaker, Author, Student, Instructor, or Attendee type)
  2. an Exhibitor Technical Pass.

Session Chairs: Beate Oswald-Tranta, Univ.of Leoben (Austria); Giovanni Ferrarini, Istituto per le Tecnologie della Costruzione (Italy)

What's new in hardware and software for thermography, thermal imaging, and non-contact temperature measurement? Hear the latest! This special session provides an early opportunity for exhibitors to highlight their latest technology and newest products to the Thermosense, infrared industry, and SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing technical audience prior to the opening of the exhibition. In a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy a casual meeting setting with ample time for questions and answers. This session can help attendees to better prioritize their activities when visiting the exhibition.

Vendors reservations still open, with limited slots available. If you are interested in participating, or have any questions, contact the moderators listed at the bottom of this page.

This year's confirmed presentations are (listed in order of presentation):

Telops Inc. (Booth 441 / 13047-701)
Title: Infrared innovations: cutting-edge developments in scientific thermal imaging from Telops
Presenter: Vince Morton, Position: Senior Business Development Manager

G&H | Stingray (Booth 913 / 13047-702)
Title: Zooming into the future - G&H | Stingray's stellar spectacles: FireAnt SWIR Zoom and Apollo VNIR Space lenses
Presenter: Evan McCutcheon, Position: Sales Application Engineer

SWIR Vision Systems (Booth 541 / 13047-703)
Title: SWIR Vision Systems: Acuros(R) 6-6MP SWIR camera
Presenter: Sam Wyman, Position: Global Sales Manager

Omega Optical LLC (Booth 1005 / 13047-704)
Title: Advancements in space optics: Novel approaches to spectrally complex optics for imaging and lasercom
Presenter: Tim Olsen, Position: Vice President, Technology

HGH USA – Formerly Electro Optical Industries, (Booth 540 / 13047-705)
Title: The OPAL test bench family: from ultra-compact to versatile visible to thermal collimators
Presenter: Arnaud Louboutin, Position: Sales & Product Manager

IRnova AB (Booth 418 / 13047-706)
Title: New T2SL(SLS) infrared detectors from IRnova
Presenter: Eric Costard, Position: CTO

Thales Cryogenics BV (Booth 1012 / 13047-707)
Title: Thales Cryogenics updates for 2024
Presenter: Kevin Giesen, Position: Manager Marketing and Sales

Chroma Technology Corp. (Booth 1214 / 13047-708)
Title: Optical filters and coatings for IR applications
Presenter: Chris Karp, Position: Director of Sales

SCD USA Infrared, LLC (Booth 813 / 13047-709)
Title: Advances in infrared sensor capabilities
Presenter: Mark Fydenkevez, Position: CEO SCD USA

RICOR & RICOR USA (Booth 407 / 13047-710)
Title: Recent developments in the field of cryogenic coolers for IR detectors
Presenter: Vicky Segal, Position: VP Marketing & Sales - RICOR, CEO – RICOR USA

CANCELLED - RP Optical USA (Booth 826 / 13047-711)
Title: Drone tracking with SWIR and MWIR cameras
Presenter: Devin Standard, Position: CEO

To participate

Any exhibiting representative interested in making a presentation may contact the chairs:

This special vendor session does not require abstract submission through the SPIE Thermosense conference and accepted presentations do not require submissions for proceedings publication.

Guidelines: scope and topics

The Thermosense Vendor Session provides an early opportunity for exhibitors to highlight their latest technology and products to the Thermosense and infrared community, prior to the opening of the DCS Expo. This session enables the technical conference attendees to better prioritize their activities when visiting the exhibition. It is a casual meeting with ample time for questions and answers featuring new and future generation of infrared imagers and thermometry (all bands) radiometric and non-radiometric as well multispectral and hyperspectral imaging technologies. Both in updates and new developments - innovation: hardware, software, new applications, accessories, artificial intelligence applied to the field, big data sources, assembly of data sets, calibration, quality control (e.g., lenses, detectors, coolers, cameras etc.), systems integration, standards, training, infrared industry market trends.

Participating companies must be exhibitors at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Exhibition to be part of this event. Any exhibitor that offers products or services related to infrared sensors or images; photonics may participate. The content of the presentations has no restrictions and may have scope: technical - research - academic - commercial. Additional topics that are not within the presenters manufacturing and development framework or are products, services and applications which may be of interest to the audience, are considered. For additional guidance, please check with the organizers or reference the Thermosense Vendor Session Topics (PDF).

Slots are limited and available on a first come first-served basis. The list of participating vendors and the content of their presentations will display in the Thermosense Vendor Session listing of the program.

Primary audience background

Researchers in innovative infrared systems, innovative infrared applications engineers and professionals, advanced optics engineers, Photonics and imaging researchers, photonics engineering, infrared systems engineers, calibration and test engineers, academics, physicists, general exhibition visitors, and exhibitor representatives.

Basic rules

  • be an exhibitor at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
  • all exhibitors are eligible to present
  • first-come first-served basis
  • slots are limited


  • abstract not required for review and acceptance consideration
  • manuscript not required for publication
  • presentation format: PowerPoint, Keynote, or Acrobat is preferable. In PowerPoint, save your file as a .pptx. Do not use .ppt, .pps, or other formats, as this will affect your file's ability to open correctly
  • presentation contents of the chosen topic: technical - manufacturing - commercial - practical - research
  • presentations in this session do not have prior review; ethical and professional standards are expected
  • vendors may bring and display equipment-instruments during the presentation (hardware or other)
  • length of presentation about 12-16 minutes
  • location and time: SPIE DCS Thermosense conference room starting at 1:00 PM; this start time may change if too many or too few applications are received

Information required for application

  • legal/commercial name of the company - booth number
  • title of the presentation
  • name of the presenter, affiliation, position in the company
  • contact information of the presenter (e-mail)
  • brief introduction of presentation content (one line)
Company name: ################ (Booth Number ###)
Presentation title: ############################
Presenter name / surname: ######################
Position in the company: #######################
Presenter e-mail: ##############

This vendor session is part of the Thermosense: Thermal Infrared Applications XLVI conference.


Event Details

FORMAT: Conference session with live audience Q&A to follow each presentation.
MENU: Coffee, decaf, and tea will be available outside the presentation room.
SETUP: Theater style seating.