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Edinburgh International Conference Centre
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
21 - 24 September 2020
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Security + Defence 2020 Industry Session

Industry Events - Explore the business side of photonics in the remote sensing and defence + security markets.

As SPIE Security + Defence 2020 transitions to a Digital Forum, look for the various ways we will be connecting you online with expert speakers and industry insiders to explore many new and exciting applications of photonics technologies in the defense, security, and sensing marketplace. These Industry Sessions offer valuable technical insight, unparalleled networking opportunities, and practical advice: they are open to all registered attendees.

Find out about the latest engineering innovations, market trends, policy changes, and industry outlook, while engaging with the presenters and other registrants—they could be potential suppliers, partners, or customers.

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Panel Discussion: Commercialisation of Quantum Technology


Sara Diegoli

Sara Diegoli,
QuantIC Programme Manager, QuantIC,
Strategic Projects Manager, University of Glasgow (UK)


Simon Bennett

Simon Bennett,
Director UK National Quantum Hub for Sensors and Timing,
University of Birmingham (UK)

Timothy Spiller

Timothy Spiller,
Professor of Quantum Information Technologies, and Director, York Centre for Quantum Technologies & Director, UK Quantum Communications Hub University of York (UK)

The UK National Quantum Technology Programme was launched in 2017 and was the first example of a nationally coordinated initiative bringing together academia, industry and government to accelerate development and commercialisation of quantum technologies. The programme, now in its second phase and worth £1B (~$1.25B), has also inspired the creation of other national initiatives across the globe, including the $1.2B US National Quantum Initiative. According to the latest statistics available, between 2017 and 2018 companies active in quantum technology raised more than $450M in private equity funding. This amount of investment and the burgeoning activity in this field is expected to produce game-changing technology, but the question remains: when and where will this happen first?

Join us to hear expert perspectives from those at the frontiers of quantum technology and its commercialization, as well as informed commentary on the trends emerging in this fast-changing arena. Learn how industry leaders are addressing the challenges of this exciting new arena and identifying opportunities to grow their business.

SPIE Wassenaar Laser Working Group Meeting

The meeting of the Wassenaar (WA) Laser Working Group sponsored by SPIE will focus on specific proposals from the international laser community for consideration for the 2021 WA meetings. The goal of this meeting is to find industry consensus on proposed changes to WA agreements, and coordinate efforts to propose these changes to relevant governments. Join in the conversation with representatives from the laser industry and government officials from around the world.

Invitation-only. Email innovation@spie.org to receive invitation and registration link.

Industry Update: Trends and Outlook


Stephen G. Anderson

Stephen G. Anderson,
Director, Industry Development
SPIE (United States)

Stephen Anderson will present an update of the SPIE core optics and photonics components industry profile with new data also covering the photonics-enabled markets in 2018. His industry outlook will also address the likely impact of the recent coronavirus outbreak on the photonics industry.

The SPIE global industry profile has become a key resource for investors, business leaders, and government representatives who need a clear picture of the worldwide photonics industry, its size, and economic impact. The SPIE industry profile has found use supporting business strategies, guiding investment decisions, and in the development of national policies to drive funding, business success and economic growth.

Public Policy Update: Export Control, Advocacy, and More


Jennifer O'Bryan

Jennifer O'Bryan,
Director, Government Affairs
SPIE (United States)

Jennifer O'Bryan will provide an update on advocacy and public policy issues affecting the optics and photonics community, both in the U.S. and internationally. Her presentation will address, for example, regulatory changes that could affect growth in emerging fields of technology, impact of the trade war between the U.S. and China, and new CFIUS Export and foreign investment policy requirements for foreign investment.

Innovation for a Safer Future; the Defence and Security Accelerator


Deb Carr

Deb Carr,
Innovation Partner
Defence and Security Accelerator (UK)

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) finds and funds exploitable innovation to support UK defence and security quickly and effectively, and to support UK prosperity.

Deb Carr will describe how innovators can work with DASA and the benefits available. She will also present the current competitions being run by DASA and give an overview of the likely future calls.

Recent Patent Trends in Remote Sensing


Robert McDougall

Robert McDougall,
Patent Attorney
Slingsby Partners LLP (UK)

Robert McDougall will review recent patent trends in the field of remote sensing and will also cover ways that companies can reduce their IP spend.