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Edinburgh International Conference Centre
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
21 - 24 September 2020
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We cordially invite you to participate in the 2020 SPIE Remote Sensing symposium.  Over the past 26 years SPIE Remote Sensing has become the largest and most prestigious annual international meeting on this subject in Europe.

Each year comprehensive coverage of scientific topics are presented, such as, remote sensing applications, sensors, systems, and satellite platforms.  With more than 25 countries represented at every meeting, the event provides a unique opportunity for scientists, engineers, programme managers and policy makers from around the world to learn about the trends, recent developments and achievements in the area of remote sensing. Attendees exchange ideas, as well as present and discuss the most recent developments and applications.

The 2020 symposium in Strasbourg, will be the 27th in this series and follows last year’s successful symposium in Strasbourg, France. This year we offer nine conferences covering the most exciting and prosperous areas in the field of remote sensing:

Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology
Remote Sensing of the Ocean, Sea Ice, Coastal Waters, and Large Water Regions
Sensors, Systems, and Next-generation Satellites
Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere
Environmental Effects on Light Propagation and Adaptive Systems
Microwave Remote Sensing: Data Processing and Applications
Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing for Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications
Remote Sensing Technologies and Applications in Urban Environments

The conferences are designed to meet the scientific, technical, and particularly the business needs of the remote sensing community. Each conference will include oral and poster presentations with top researchers and company representatives as invited speakers. The conferences include information that is up to date and thus represents one of the finest training opportunities and sessions in the world for practical remote sensing as well as research training. 

Meanwhile Remote Sensing systems provide continuously a tremendous amount of data leading to specific ”big data” applications and problems. Today machine learning and deep learning methods are widely seen as powerful instrument to solve derived problems. Thus during this 2020 symposium we specifically encourage special sessions and training related talks concerning machine learning based solutions related to all of the above conferences.  

The 27th SPIE Remote Sensing symposium will be co-located with the 17th SPIE Security+Defence. Explore new opportunities to collaborate with partners from other fields of activity. Showcase your multidisciplinary research and applications in this major international forum. 

The Organising Committee of SPIE Remote Sensing invites you to join your colleagues and hear presentations on the latest advances impacting your area of research. We look forward to seeing you in the historic and beautiful city of Edinburgh.

2020 Symposium Chairs:

Karsten Schulz

Karsten Schulz

Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB (Germany)
2020 Symposium Chair
Lorenzo Bruzzone

Lorenzo Bruzzone 

Univ. degli Studi di Trento (Italy)
2020 Symposium Co-chair

Malcom MacDonald

Malcom MacDonald

Univ. of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)
2020 Symposium Co-chair

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