17 - 20 June 2024
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Photonics for Quantum program

Enjoy invited talks, technical presentations, a poster session, and opportunities to network

A strong program

This meeting focuses on photonics and how it is advancing quantum technologies. Year over year, leading experts address topics ranging from networks and communications to computing and sensing. See this year's lineup of keynote speakers below.

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The keynote speakers for 2024

Karl K Berggren, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)

Karl K. Berggren

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)

Kathy-Anne Brickman-Soderberg, Air Force Research Lab. (United States)

Kathy-Anne Brickman-Soderberg

Air Force Research Lab. (United States)

Raffi Budakian, Univ. of Waterloo (Canada)

Raffi Budakian

Univ. of Waterloo (Canada)

Paola Cappellaro, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)

Paola Cappellaro

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)

Barak Dayan, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

Barak Dayan

Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

Daniel B. Higginbottom, Simon Fraser Univ. (Canada)

Daniel B. Higginbottom

Simon Fraser Univ. (Canada)

Stephen Hughes, Queen's Univ. (Canada)

Stephen Hughes

Queen's Univ. (Canada)

Thomas D. Jennewein, Univ. of Waterloo (Canada)

Thomas D. Jennewein

Univ. of Waterloo (Canada)

Ebrahim Karimi, Univ. of Ottawa (Canada)

Ebrahim Karimi

Univ. of Ottawa (Canada)

Jonathan Lavoie, Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc. (Canada)

Jonathan Lavoie

Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc. (Canada)

Lindsay LeBlanc, Univ. of Alberta (Canada)

Lindsay LeBlanc

Univ. of Alberta (Canada)

David Northeast, National Research Council (Canada)

David Northeast

National Research Council (Canada)

Li Qian, Univ. of Toronto (Canada)

Li Qian

Univ. of Toronto (Canada)

Arno Rauschenbeutel, Technische Univ. Wien (Austria)

Arno Rauschenbeutel

Technische Univ. Wien (Austria)

Heike Riel, IBM Research (Switzerland)

Heike Riel

IBM Research (Switzerland)

Tim Schröder, Humboldt-Univ. zu Berlin (Germany)

Tim Schröder

Humboldt-Univ. zu Berlin (Germany)

Gregor Weihs, Univ. Innsbruck (Austria)

Gregor Weihs

Univ. Innsbruck (Austria)

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