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BACUS Scholarship: support for students

BACUS sponsors a yearly scholarship to a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in the field of microlithography with an emphasis on optical tooling and/or semiconductor manufacturing technologies.

Deadline: 31 May 2024 – Must be signed in to apply.

Student travel grants: registration fees, travel, and lodging

Student grants are funded by leading companies across the technical community, with the goal being to drive student participation.

If you are a student who is interested in photomasks and/or UV lithography but lack the funds to attend this event, student grants are the perfect solution. The Photomask Technology + Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Student Grant aims to encourage students to attend by providing fee waivers and travel and lodging reimbursements.

Download and share this flyer with students you know and encourage them to apply. This is a terrific opportunity for students to gain exposure to career opportunities. 

Download 2024 flyer

Who is eligible?

  • Applicants must be enrolled as a student for the full year, beginning fall 2024 (August 2024-July 2025).
  • Student authors and first-time recipients will receive priority, but all students are encouraged to apply.

What does the grant cover?

  • Registration fee
  • Reimbursement towards travel and lodging
    • US students can receive up to $1000 to cover travel costs including travel and lodging.
    • Non-US students can receive up to $1500 to cover travel costs including travel and lodging.
    • If students know each other and both receive the grant they are encouraged to lodge together to save on funds.

Important reimbursement requirement

  • Students MUST save all receipts in order to claim reimbursement. If receipts are not kept, no reimbursement will be given.
  • Incomplete applications will be removed from consideration.
  • Applicants agree that their contact information may be shared with sponsors.
  • If the student is an author, then a manuscript must be submitted to proceedings by the due date.
  • Administration of the grant will be through a committee that has been established by symposia and onference chairs.

Steps to request registration reimbursement

  • Visit the online grant application for free student registration 
  • Use your SPIE Account to sign in
  • Fill in the application details
  • Submit your request by 15 July 2024

Grant application

An email with acceptance and registration confirmation will be sent two weeks after the application deadline.

Questions? Email the coordinator of this program.

Become a company sponsor of student grants

Sponsoring student grants puts your company in contact with qualified and skilled professionals, as well as shows your company's support of the growing semiconductor industry. For more information about contributing to the student grant program, download the sponsorship flyer below and email the Conference Program Coordinator, Josephine Hegeberg, for more information.

Download sponsor flyer

Gain recognition: Student best paper and poster awards

Awards for best papers

The industry is pleased to support student participation. In 2023, awards for bet oral and poster papers will be given. See the sponsors, previous winners, and details.

Networking opportunities: Connect, learn, and plan for your future

Special events for students

You'll find events in the program designed specifically for students, such as the mentoring luncheon event. Don't miss your opportunity to learn about the technology, the industry, and make important connections for your future.

Student addresses an audience at a special event at the conference