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San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California, United States
23 - 27 August 2020
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Advances in state-of-the-art high-speed imaging technologies applications

POSTPONED: High Speed Imaging + Diagnostics | ICHSIP-33 and ULITIMA 2020

High Speed Imaging + Diagnostics | ICHSIP-33 and ULITIMA 2020

The High Speed Imaging + Diagnostics joint conference has been postponed until 2021. Authors will receive an email from SPIE staff soon regarding their 2020 abstract submission.

For immediate questions, please contact SPIE Program Coordinator, Megan Artz (MeganA@spie.org). 

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2020 Conferences:

High Speed Imaging + Diagnostics:

 • ICHSIP-3333rd International Congress on High Speed imaging and Photonics
Focuses on cutting-edge ultra-fast imaging technologies for a range of application fields from ultra-fast x-ray imaging, super-resolution microscopy, ultrafast AFM to 3D live cell imaging.

 • ULITIMA 2020Ultrafast Imaging and Tracking Instrumentation, Methods, and Applications
Discusses the status of current and new ultrafast imaging and particle tracking instrumentation, novel data collection schemes through sparse sensing, hardware performance enhanced by computational and other novel methods, megahertz and gigahertz electronics, and their applications.

High Speed Imaging + Diagnostics Chairs

Martin Richardson

ICHSIP33 Co-Chair

Martin Richardson
CREOL, the College of Optics and Photonics (USA)

David Attwood

ICHSIP33 Co-Chair

David Attwood
Univ. of California/Berkeley (USA)

Zhehui Wang (Jeph)

ULITIMA2020 Co-Chair

Zhehui Wang (Jeph) 
Los Alamos National Lab. (USA)

Cinzia Da Via

ULITIMA2020 Co-Chair

Cinzia Da Via  
Univ. of Manchester (UK)

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