24 - 27 April 2023
Prague, Czech Republic

SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics exhibitors

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Join us in 2023

The exhibition experience begins at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, and offers you a way to share your various components, devices, and systems and innovative technologies for the optics and optoelectonics application spaces. Network and connect with attendees whose research impacts the industry.

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Bringing technology to market

Participate in the show where cutting-edge laser technologies create new products and services. Four days of presentations and special events offer opportunities for interaction with potential customers. Participating companies will be able to share their offerings and make important connections.

Clarion Congress Hotel exhibition hours  
Tuesday 25 April 10.00 - 17.00
Wednesday 26 April 10.00 - 16.00

Connect with community

Attendees are interested in the latest:

  • laser components
  • industrial sensing and measurement
  • electro-optical systems
  • high powered lasers
  • imaging systems and detectors
  • optomechanical components and devices
  • detectors and sensors
  • LED, OLED, non-laser light sources

Exhibitor and customer at SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics

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Laurence Devereux

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Kim Abair
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Lacey Barnett
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Melissa Valum
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